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Hey Everyone! We’re Monica and Jess from East Coast Creative Blog and The LiveWell Network’s DIY show “Knock It Off” and we’re so excited to be a part of Kristen’s Decorating with Pictures series! If you don’t know us, we’re best friends that are lucky enough to blog and work together! We’re kind of like an old married couple that finishes each other’s sentences, and yet we’re both really different too. We love that our blog and show can share two different styles and personalities all at once. We’re passionate about what we do and we’re committed to keeping things real and not pretending to be perfect or have it all figured out!

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Our blog and our TV show really focus on DIY projects that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, so that’s why today we’re sharing one of our very favorite things ever… Engineer Prints. If you haven’t tried this yet, let me tell you- you’re missing out! Almost like the fact that I hadn’t tried Chipoltle until 6 months ago- I mean WHAT was I thinking?? I was missing out on some of the world’s best fast food ever! So, yeah if you haven’t tried engineer prints, now’s the time!

Decorating with pictures

You might be wondering WHAT IS an engineer print? Let me tell you my friend… At Staples or Kinkos (or most print/copy centers) they offer engineer prints. They’re intended for blueprints and large plans, but there’s no need to stop there. They can also print pictures!! They print in black and white only and they print on regular weight paper, but here’s the best part… you can get a 4 foot by 3 foot print for under $7.00!! Awesome right?!?

Staples Engineer Prints

Since we love engineer prints, we’ve done a LOT of projects with them! Here are some ideas for ya!

Kid Friendly Gallery Wall

I have 4 kids and they’re constantly playing football or making forts in my family room, so I was tired of broken picture frames. Using engineer prints for my gallery wall made this space completely kid-friendly and it’s been almost 12 months with no breaks!!

Gallery Wall Ideas

We used a combination of free printable vintage cameras just trimmed out in washi tape and one large family picture with a smaller frame used as an overlay. Check out the post for all the details!


One of our most popular projects of all time is our

Huge Framed Photo for under $20

Main Pic[5]

For this project, we used an engineer print and a piece of plywood to create our own version of an organic bloom type frame. Jess has this huge piece as the focal point in her foyer. It makes such a BIG impact for under $20! Check out our tutorial to make your own!


Engineer prints work great inside the house, but I tried my hand and taking them outside as well with my

Garage Makeover with Engineer Print Artwork

My garage was a HOT mess, so one weekend, while my husband was away I decided to surprise him with a garage makeover. I did a lot of DIY projects that were purely functional, but I also wanted to add some fun, since we enter our house through the garage. A photo of my kids’ feet was the perfect art for my “mudroom”

Mudroom Elements[3]

Using a thrifted frame and an engineer print I created a big statement piece again for under $7!

Check out all the details about my garage mudroom makeover & art here.

Engineer Print Artwork[5]

Here are a few more projects you can check out on our blog! Told you we loved them and use them all the time!

Faux Canvases using Engineer Prints


Wedding Picture Gallery Wall

104 beauty shot gallery-edited

Have we convinced you yet? We hope so! We think that displaying pictures of family is so important and can add a lot of personality to a room. Engineer prints are a great way to make a huge impact, on a budget.

We’d love for you to come visit us sometimes at East Coast Creative and if you’re a DIY lover, be sure to check out our TV show, “Knock It Off

KIO LOGO 300dpi

Kristen, thanks so much for hosting such a great collaboration! We’ve loved stopping by today!

Monica & Jess


Thank you Monica & Jess! I LOVE engineer prints and love Chipotle, too! Your home tour is fabulous, and I simply love your creative style!  I made an engineer print recently, and Staples is pretty far away, so I called Office Max and Office Depot. My Office Max location would have charged much more, but Office Depot was about the same price as you mentioned!

If you’ve missed any of the posts from the Decorating with Pictures Series, check them out HERE or click on the image below. Every day in February is packed with 2 inspiring posts, each with a giveaway from a fabulous brand! (The previous post, I’m giving away my Say NO to Auto beginner camera Workshop on video AND my books!)  Follow along in the series!

Decorating with Pictures Ideas


I’m so excited about our giveaway today. I have stalked followed Becky Higgins for over 15 years.  She is a scrapbook queen, and contributed to a magazine, Creating Keepsakes, that I used to subscribe to.  I have always been passionate about preserving memories, even before I had a family of my own. If you haven’t heard of her Project Life system, where have you been? Project Life provides an ultra-simple solution that helps us get those pictures into albums without draining our time, energy, and wallets. The idea is simple: Photos + memorabilia + journaling together in an album – everything slips into pockets. No requirement to cut or glue or embellish a thing. And yet – the results are stunning. Project Life is back-to-basics scrapbooking at its finest.

We are giving away one Project Life Core kit which includes: an Album, core kit, and Big Pack of Photo Pocket Pages, hooray!

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