Family Holiday Card

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I love sending holiday cards, and love getting them! If you send them out this year, I’d love to have one, and hang it up on my wall of love. If you send me yours, I’m going to do my best to send you ours!  I’ll order a bunch of extras and send them til I run out. So add me to your address list! I’d love if you want to write a little note to tell me more about yourself, but a face and a postmark will tell me enough if you run out of time.

If you plan to take them, but haven’t yet, see my post on What to Wear in Family Pictures, or even Take your Own Family Pictures.

Here is our card from last year:

Duke Christmas Card

If you want to see more of our past cards/pictures, head here.

We took our family pictures last weekend, and they are under complete lock and key until the card goes out (aiming for just after Thanksgiving).

Mail cards to me here:

Kristen Duke

P.O. Box #4085

Cedar Park, TX 78630

I can’t wait to see them!!

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