Family Meal Plan #2

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I’m on a roll!!  I’ve got Family Meal Plan #2 all ready for ya, two weeks in a row after Family Meal Plan #1 last week. My goal is to share this each Sunday, (hoping I can keep it up!) This is what we ate last week at our home.

family meal plans for dinner

Monday: Pizza

I’d like to say that I made it from scratch, or even semi-scratch, but this day was a rough one for me. I had a plan, but put it on hold and ordered Dominos Pizza for dinner! It’s ok  to do that sometimes!!! Mmmm, I love their new(ish) garlic crush, and especially love the Parmesean Cheese Bread, it’s my fave.

Tuesday: Rosemary Ginger Pork Chops

I made pork chops, and used two of my most favorite flavors: Rosemary and Ginger. It’s  a super simple meal, read in 20-30 minutes. My kids all LOVED it, which made me very happy.

Rosemary Ginger Pork Chops

Wednesday: Cobb Salad

A salad for dinner has to be pretty hearty to declare it dinner. Chicken, avocado, bacon. Eggs. I could stop there. A traditional cobb salad has these ingredients, some cheese, some tomatoes, some greens. Choose what you love, or create a bar of options for pickier kids. My kids haven’t done much with salads, but the idea is growing on them as we are trying to incorporate more greens into our dinners.

Cobb Salad

Thursday: Doritos Taco Salad

This is one of my kids favorite meals. Of course they love that Cheesy Doritos are a main component. You can use traditional tortilla chips as well. The base of ground beef and beans makes this quite hearty, throwing on any taco topping you wish.

Doritos Taco Salad

Friday: Almond Crusted Chicken

I love almonds, and this recipe is delish. You can almost convince the kids that it’s chicken nuggets, too. The almonds are ground so fine that they don’t even know it’s nuts.

Almond Crusted Chicken

Saturday: Omelets

This one doesn’t need a picture or a recipe link. Mix some eggs into a bowl with some spices, throw in some chopped red, green, and yellow bell peppers. We’ll add ground sausage sometimes, but you don’t have to. Serve to order. Each of us in the family likes different toppings in our omelets.

Sunday: Crock Pot Roast & Veggies

I haven’t done this much in the past, but I’m thinking some kind of roast in the crock pot will be my new Sunday tradition. It’s easy, and allows me to enjoy my Sabbath by not slaving in the kitchen. With this roast, I dumped 16 ounces of sprite on top (I heard soda is a great marinade) and chopped up carrots and celery in the mix. Easy and delicious!

Want dessert? Try some Cherry Miscellaneous bars!

Cherry Miscellaneous Bar {Blondie Brownie}

 Are you going to try one of these for dinner this week? Share a great recipe link below that you’ve tried new!

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