Family Meal Plan #8

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I cooked from my Pinterest Board: F00d–Dinner Ideas this week, and I wanted to share what we had in this Family Meal Plan #8. To see other weekly meal plans that I’ve made and how my family responded to it, check them out HERE or our favorite dinner recipes HERE.

Family Meal Plan #8

I generally aim to do my weekly meal plan on Sunday afternoon. This time, I asked my 13 year old son if he’d help me plan, so I just showed him my FOOD-Dinner Ideas Pinterest board, and just from the pictures and descriptions, he picked out 4 meals. That was actually really nice for me!

We had two kinda similar type meals with the rolls, but that’s ok. I might have spread them out a bit more in the future.

Monday: Cheesy Pepperoni Pizza Puffs

#1 selected by my son. I liked the idea of a mini pizza in a muffin tin. It was easy to put together. Next time, I’d add tomato sauce to dip them in, or even add in some black olives and green pepper for my husband and I. I already had to make some without the pepperoni for my youngest–pickiest eater. I will make this again though, just gotta have the toppings on hand. My kids think it’s so fun when any standard meal (like pizza) is presented in a different form like this puffs.

dinner ideas

Tuesday: Broccoli Beef Stir Fry

#2 picked by my son. I love that as he is getting older, his palate is expanding. He actually PICKS something with broccoli in the picture! He knows that vegetables are good for him, and will help in his sports, so he embraces them now. This meal took a bit longer than I would have liked. It didn’t help that I planned to make it on Open House night, after piano lessons, so the timing was just off for me. The house smelled too much of vinegar after. It was delicious, but I may try another recipe next time. I didn’t have oyster sauce as it recommended, and maybe used too much of the other stuff. The meal was delicious though, so I give it a 4 stars.

family dinner ideas

Wednesday: Meatball Bubble Bisquits

#3 picked by my son. I would have split this up with the puffs in the same week, because they are a similar idea, but it doesn’t really matter, now does it? It was also a VERY quick meal prep, and the kids LOVED it! It’s basically a biscuit split in half, and wrap it over a meatball with cheese! Our fam loves meatballs, and we keep them in a bag in the freezer, on hand these days. It’s a very quick meal. My kids don’t love too much cheese (sadly) so I skimped on the cheese on the inside, and they were slightly dry. I thought this could have used a sauce to dip in, to0. Maybe a pizza sauce, but my son suggested a southern white gravy, too. It felt like these were mini hamburgers or sliders, so even just ketchup or mustard to dip would have been good. Thumbs up from this fam, though!


Thursday: Chicken Enchilada Skillet

I ended up saving my sons #4 for next week, and used a recipe that I’d been looking at for a while from my friends at Six Sisters Stuff. It looked very similar to my Doritos Taco Salad recipe, with a twist, so knew I’d love it.  I tweaked it a bit and added corn, but I liked the enchilada sauce in it (unlike my recipe with powder). I didn’t use Rotel either, my kids might not have been as excited.  I was wondering how I’d like the torn up corn tortillas, I didn’t notice the, but I would have preferred crunchy chips I think.

family dinner ideas

Friday: Ham and Egg Omelet Cups

A fave of the family, easy to assemble, and gobbled down, this is a family favorite. My husband now has eggs every morning for breakfast, so I feel bad making them for dinner too often…but not too bad. This is a fun twist on a traditional meal.

breakfast for dinner

We traveled over the weekend, and ate out. If you want to try a dessert, check out the Peanut Butter Caramel Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars. SOOO yummy! I might half the caramel next time. We didn’t have toffee, and used Candy Corn M&M’s instead!


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