Family Picture Clothes by Color–Gray

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Welcome to the GRAY post, where I share ideas on What to Wear in Family Pictures with the color GRAY! This is part of a greater series all about colors in family pictures, see the intro post on that link for more great ideas.

Gray is dark or light, and is a great color that can go with anything.

Click on the links below each picture to be taken to the original page, and to see more pictures!


Here is a fun little video I put together to give you a visual for what to wear in family pictures:

gray with pink

Soft gray with other pastels. This is one of my favorite family sessions of all time (that I didn’t take). You must click over to see all the beautiful images! The light is just gorgeous. Love their layers and soft color touches.

gray and black

Love the patterns in this black and gray family picture. Love the zebra leggings, tulle skirt, boys plaid vest, and then the plaid with tie. Layers and texture are fabulous in pictures.

modern family kids in gray

Love the varying shades of gray in front of the red door.

gray and yellow

Gray with a touch of yellow. Love the baby swirly shirt next to mom’s gray/yellow combo.

gray and pink

Gray with a touch of pink. One of my bestie’s from high school, I visited her family in Virginia. Click on the link to see lots more fun pictures, with a train, too!


gray and green

Grays with a touch of green. Other fun pictures of this family on the link–near the train tracks.

gray with pink

Love the dominant gray sweater with small splashes of other colors. More fun pics on the link!


gray and black

Gray and black in family pictures.


gray textures

Similar shades of gray make it great clothes to wear because they are all so different in texture. Stripes, sweater, ruffle.



Which is your favorite GRAY outfit???

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