Family Picture Pose Ideas with 5 or more Children

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This post wraps up the family picture pose ideas series, this post is all about families with 5 or more children. If you missed the others, check out posing with 1 child, 2 children, 3 children, and 4 children.

Family Posing Ideas for 5 or more kids


Here is a fun little video I put together to give you a visual for what to wear in family pictures:

To see more of the images for the sample below, click on the links below each one, to be taken to the original source!

family pictures on an old truck

On an old truck by Kristen Duke


Family Tickle by Kristen Duke Photography (more pics on the link)

family running photos

Family Run by Kristen Duke Photography (more pics on the link)

piggyback photo in the snow

Piggyback in the Snow (click to see lots more)

bubbles in family pictures

Bubbles! by Kristen Duke (lots more fun pictures on that link)

family hug photo

Family Hug Sitting by Kristen Duke (more on the link)



Christmas Tree Car by Design Mom (more fun on that link)

silly family pictures

Silly Faces by Kristen Duke


family hug standing pictures

Family Hug Standing by Kristen Duke (more on link)

big family in field posing

Family in Field Expecting (more on link)


On mom and dad’s bed by Kristen Duke (more on the link)

holding hands in a train

Holding hands in a train by Kristen Duke (more pics on the link)

family pictures in the snow

Family in the Snow by Kristen Duke (more on the link)

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