Father’s Day Gift: My Dad Can Fix Anything

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This Father’s Day gift will warm the heart of any father out there. Of course they want their kids to know that they are willing to fix whatever it is that is broken.

Fathers Day Gift Idea

My Dad Can Fix Anything

When my daughter was younger, she had this t-shirt that I loved, but it truly melted my husbands heart. It was a heart with bandages on it that said, “My daddy can fix anything.” Implying that he’s do his best to fix a broken heart. As a young girl, my hopes were such that she WOULD go to her dad with her broken heart woes, and that she would look to him as her ultimate example of how a man should treat her.

With these prints, it can be from a son/boy (tools) or from a daughter/girl (pink heart). Or really any way you want to slice it! Maybe the daughter loves tools!

I also always love to have a coloring page option for kids to color and gift as well.

This Father’s Day gift idea works as a card, or you can have it framed to hang up!

Download and print

Below are the prints:

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