Feelin’ the Love on Mother’s Day

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My heart is full, this day after Mother’s Day, and I’m filled with gratitude at the joy of being a mother. Grateful that my husband “get’s it” and steers the kids into pampering me all day. I shared snippets on my Instagram story, and then felt guilty that I was maybe over sharing, and hoped I wasn’t brining anyone down that didn’t get similar attention. If you didn’t get pampered, ask for a “do-over” next week, and send a link to your husband of the post I shared last week: 6 free mother’s day gift ideas, or this one, because dangit…all momma’s need their day! When I talked to my bonus mom, Stephanie and she asked if I blogged about my Mother’s Day, and I said, no, just shared on instagram, she encouraged me to do so, and I thought…you know, if only to have it documented for ME for the future…I should. So feel free to skip it if not interested!

Mothers Day Ideas

I knew they always like to do breakfast in bed, but when I woke up at 8:45am very hungry, to a silent home, I thought I’d go quickly grab a piece of fruit. I saw my husband sitting on the kitchen, staring out the window, and then I wondered if breakfast in bed was indeed coming my way. I guess he thought I’d sleep longer? He jokingly scolded me for being out there, so I ran off back to my bed. About 30 minutes later, the kids rolled in a cart full of breakfast, and joined me in bed to “wake” me. I love this tradition.

Breakfast in bed

The night before, I was gone with my boys taking them to an activity while my husband and girls went shopping for ingredients and made MILK chocolate covered strawberries. They were adorable with that presentation, and I loved that my hubby documented the whole thing for me.

Making milk chocolate dipped strawberries

We all then got ready for church.

curling daughters hair

I had pre-arranged what the kids would wear, knowing we’d take pictures after church, another of my favorite traditions.

At church, I shared a little video on IG of the food the men prepared for the women. It’s always nice to be all combined (many women teach the children or youth and don’t come to the women’s class) and get to chat. We watched a wonderful video from Gordon B. Hinckley, as he sung the praises of women and our many roles. I miss him.

happy mothers day

After church, we drove to my favorite wall on the way home, to snap some pics of me and the kids. They cooperate well on Mother’s Day.

Purple Mothers Day Pictures

After church, I rested while they gave me an extremity massage, another Mother’s Day tradition. I love their willingness to serve me without complaints.

kids massage for mom

My husband then led up the cooking. I requested chocolate chip zucchini bread (had that recipe 2 weeks in a row) and coconut curry chicken. They were milling about the kitchen for 2 hours. I called my grandma and had a nice chat, and just relaxed in my room and on the couch…at random moments feeling bad that I wasn’t helping.

coconut chicken curry

Dinner was delicious, we lounged around, and at the end of the day requested a family walk, another of my favorite Sunday activities.

mom love

I got some items for myself at a store the night before, including these amazing hot pink heels from Charming Charlie’s.

gifts for myself

I got some homemade cards/letters, which always mean so much to me, because it’s from the heart. At the end of the day, my momma cup was bursting to overflowing. Filled with joy. I sure love my peeps. It is a blessing to serve them, but I feel so grateful they recognize the importance of serving me as well.

family walk

they call me mama

I recognize this may be over the top for some people, but I LOVED it, I felt special, and it re-charges me to go and be the best momma I can. This family of mine has my whole heart.

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