Free Mother’s Day Gifts

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Free Mother’s Day gifts are truly the way to win moms heart.

With the special mom holiday coming up, I wanted to share 6 ideas that won’t cost you a dime but will still make for a very special day! Some of them may seem silly but don’t click away yet, I promise Mom’s will LOVE these thoughtful free gifts.

Free Mother’s Day gifts, yes you heard that right. Maybe I speak for myself, but I don’t think at the core what moms’ want are lavish presents. I mean, most moms get themselves what they want, am I right? Ok, maybe it’s just me. I mean, within reason.  Mother’s Day is always one of my favorite memories because my family showers me all day, and I love it.  I am not looking to make this another ultimate Mother’s day gift guide because simplicity and service is key here! If you are a fellow momma, feel free to just drop this link hint to your kids/spouse to read over and get ideas that you would love. This list includes a mix of handmade gifts, acts of service and experiences!

My husband does an excellent job of rounding up the kids and has taught them that the best gift on Mother’s Day, is a day of service, from them to me. My kids have done a fantastic job of playing into this, and for that I’m grateful. It’s not just breakfast in bed, but pampering me all day. I’ll share some of the things I have loved most that don’t cost a thing. Just time, effort, and love.

Mom enjoying free gift of children spending mothers day with her.

Togetherness Gift in Action

These aren’t just free gift ideas, these are truly a great Mother’s day gift. ALL of these ideas have the ability to become the ultimate personalized gift. You get to choose what you say in the letter, what to spend time doing, and what to make in the kitchen! The best part of these diy mother’s day gifts is that they take almost NO time! I know we are all pressed for time so these gifts are just about showing up, being there and giving your Mom her day. You don’t have to shop, prep or plan around a tight budget because it’s the little things Mom’s love. Go the extra mile by doing all the dishes after that meal. The good news for anyone searching for the best mother’s day gifts is that Mom’s mostly want YOU. They want you home, with them more than actual gifts, a bouquet of flowers, or even ice cream (ice cream is just bonus points by the way)!

Free Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. Extremity Massage
  2. Making all the meals
  3. Kids showing kindness to each other
  4. Thoughtful hand written letters
  5. Togetherness
  6. Taking Pictures

1. Extremity Massage

A free mothers day massage gift

Ultimate relaxation and silliness with this massage!

A gift card for a massage can easily run you into triple digits but a simple massage from a loved one is just as good, if not better! I have to say extremity because it’s so much more than a foot or back massage. I love it, each of my 4 kids takes an extremity and rubs the hand or the foot. It’s pretty funny and we get a picture every year. I lay there, experiencing bliss, and they’ll rotate or massage my head or shoulders, too.

2. Making all the meals (and snacks!)

An easy meal of mearballs and mozzarella sticks as a free gift for Mom on Mothers Day

A simple meal you can “gift” Mom without a lot of effort!

I do love breakfast in bed on a tray (check out these frozen Blueberry Scones – perfect for breakfast in bed!), but it’s every meal off my hands that makes a truly Happy Mother’s day for me! I get some true me time while they hit up the grocery store and do the work in the kitchen. It doesn’t even have to be extravagant, and something easy they can make are meals using a few quick, ready-to-eat products. We love these Meatballs and Mozzarella Sticks from Farm Rich. They are a super easy meal to pull together, saving effort for other activities (plus, I know they’re going to taste good!).

Some of my other favorite simple recipes are these scrambled eggs and olives, this super easy strawberry shortcake, and this easy ABC salad!

3. Kindness

Yep, it SURE makes this momma happy to see her kids loving each other and speaking kindly to each other. I throw around “not on Mother’s Day” all day long if they misstep with each other! But they are usually pretty good, they know it’s the key to my heart. This sends a special message to me as a Mom because fighting kids doesn’t make for a great day!

4. Letters

Oh yes, I do love the written word. I’m all about a meaningful…thoughtful gift. We do this for birthdays as well, but they will all write handwritten letters/cards and share with me what they love that we’ve done together or what I’ve done for them. This is a handmade gift that is so personalized and super easy for kids to create!

5. Togetherness

I love just hanging out, playing games, going on a family walk, a bike ride and just spending TIME all together. This is a perfect gift, all moms will love this. The perfect way to spend a day together is unique to your Mom. Maybe for her the perfect mother’s day gift maybe reading on the couch together, gardening, or picking out her favorite materials for a craft she likes to do,

6. Taking Pictures

Mom and her children taking a silly photo together as a free mothers day gift

The free photo gift idea in action!

My kids KNOW that cooperating for family pictures is a HUGE gift to me. I’m not even talking about scheduling something with a photographer, but it’s our tradition to snap a picture of the kids and me on Mother’s Day and they cooperate (often through gritted teeth) because they know it’s my day and that’s what I love. I love family portraits to look back on and it can double as custom home decor items or even photo coasters! My favorite family photos aren’t always the professional ones, they are the ones I can stick in a photo album and have the memory of us all spending the together and having a good time

Do you have any other suggestions for FREE Mother’s day gifts that you’d love to have or have been gifted in the past? Showing love doesn’t have to cost a thing!

If you are looking for some other Mother’s Day ideas be sure to check out these FREE printable Mother’s Day gift tags! I also have this article on a beautiful garden gift if you feel like you really want to give Mom a heartfelt physical gift!

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