Inspirational Quotes for Boys {Printables}

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I’m planning to share my boys room all finished tomorrow, but first I wanted to share a few of the printables I made for them. They are the colors in my boys room, so maybe not for everyone, but they can always go on a bathroom mirror!

The items on the walls are something they will see day in and day out, and I want them to be inspiring as well as fun. This first print is a phrase from a song that my boys learned at church when they were young, I hope they call me on a Mission. In our church, at the age of 18, young men have the opportunity to serve full time missions to share the gospel. As missionaries, they often ride bicycles, so this is a fun representation of something that I hope they will aspire to–serving a mission.


 Download the 16×20 print, I hope they call me on a mission. It is the same crop ratio to print as an 8×10.

Next, a few months ago, my husband decided to type up a bunch of quotes from Thomas Jefferson and place them in varying spots the kids would see them. In the bathroom, on the mirror, on the boys door. They were actually reading them, too, because they’d quote them at random times. I asked each of the boys which was their favorite, because I wanted to put it up (a little cuter) on the wall. Here is what my second son said was his favorite:

 To print this Thomas Jefferson print, click HERE.  Also a 16×20 or can be an 8×10.

Next up is this phrase that I love so much. Work hard + pray hard=happy life

 I made this as an 11×14, it can be downloaded HERE.

Lastly, my oldest son picked this as his fave Thomas Jefferson quote. I got a little creative with this one, and you’ll see the final product in the room reveal post, but this is a close up version of the quote he chose:

free printable

The PDF printable is 3 white prints sized to 8×10. I printed each and arranged them on a board. Download all 3 images HERE.

I hope you can enjoy some of these free printables!

If you missed the giant wood art we already put up on the walls of the boys room, see it HERE. My boys have said that their walls are full enough now, so I’m stopping filling them in!

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