Funny Kids Jokes

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Funny Kids Jokes always bring a smile to everyones face.  Now send a little love and laughter to your kids in their lunch box with these printable lunch box jokes.

funny kids jokes

These printable cards each have a a joke with the punch line printed upside down on the card.  The back of the card is blank for you to write a message to your kids every day.

Why is basketball such a messy sport?  Because you dribble on the floor!

What did the blanket say to the bed?  Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.  Your kids are going to love reading these everyday and then sharing them with their friends.

Printable Jokes for Kids

I have been sending lunch box jokes with my kids for years and I have amassed quite a collection.  Each of these funny kids jokes come in colorful printables.  You can download them for free.  Just print them at home, cut them apart, and store them in your kitchen.  After the kids pack up their lunch, you can slide in a joke with a little note of encouragement written on the other side.

I have hundreds of printable funny jokes for kids!  There are Christmas jokes and Valentines Day Jokes, farm jokes and fruit jokes.  There are even brain teasers for older kids and funny pictures for younger kids who are not old enough to read.  Make sure to check them all out.

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