Funny Kids Lunch Box Jokes

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In September, I shared 3 new sets of lunch box jokes, and I meant to share this set at the end of the month, and I totally space it! I mean, if I were you, I’d be sharing Halloween Lunch Jokes this month, but tuck this away into a special spot, print them out ahead of time, and share them whenever you see fit. Did you know I now have a lunch jokes drawer in my kitchen? I guess it’s a junk miscellaneous drawer, but it’s got a bunch of jokes in there, all printed out and ready to go on busy school mornings.

Funny Kids Lunch Box Jokes

I love this funny, silly set, and I know my kids will, too.

Download this set here: Misc. Jokes

Want more lunch jokes? I’ve got lots! My friend even sends them to work in her husband’s lunch, it’s not just for kids!

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