Games for Teenagers

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These games for teenagers are sure to make the get together at your house a hit!

Game Ideas for Teenagers

Game Ideas for Teenagers

I love teens, and I love to have teens at my home, but sometimes they are not quite sure what to do with themselves and need a little guidance.  I wanted to share a few of my favorite games for teenagers to help for the next gathering you might have.

Queen Elephant/Animal–This is shown best in the video, but each person in the group picks any animal and makes up a sign associated with that animal. We also played this in our family and had lots of laughs making some crazy signs/noises with random animals! The Queen Elephant is at the “top” of the circle with the pig at the “bottom.” The queen elephant starts with her sign, then chooses another animal sign. That animal then does their own sign and chooses another and so on. If there is a mess up, then everyone scoots down 1 seat between the person that messed up and the person that “attacked” or pointed the sign to them before.

My awesome teens help explain it in this video.

Giant Tower Game–We got this set of blocks for a giant tower game, similar to Jenga. The blocks are LARGE, and fun outside or inside, and come with this storage crate to carry around or use as a base if needed. The teens LOVED this game!

games for teenagers

The set I found on Amazon is up to 5 feet tall, which makes it extra fun for the teens. Click on the picture below to see more details.

Couple Tag–This games name has evolved over the years, but it’s one of my FAVORITES! I don’t have a great picture or video of it, but it’s fairly easy to understand. You have to have even numbers, and ideally more than 10. Each “couple” stands arms locked, in a big circle. As the adult, sometimes I have to pair them up, and I like to do boy/girl because they might not otherwise. One “couple” is “it” where one is chasing the other. The one running away will latch onto another “couple” in the circle, and when that happens, their partner is now the one being chased. If the person chasing gets them first, then the roles are flipped and they are now being chased until they latch onto someone, letting their partner run free. It goes on forever, always lots of laughs, and really, just have to end based on time eventually.

So don’t ever NOT host at your home because you aren’t sure what to do, I’ve shared a TON of ideas that I know from experience my kids love! Do you have a suggestion for games for teenagers? Leave it in the comments below!

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