Get Focused: 12 creative tips & techniques to bring your photography to a higher level

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It’s here!  Book #2, the follow up to Say NO to Auto.  I’m so excited for this to debut.

This book is for those individuals who feel comfortable shooting in manual settings and are ready to move onto the next step.  Inside, you will learn how to get tack sharp images, and expand your creativity along the way.

Get Focused  is geared towards the photographer who wants to better understand the focusing functions on their camera. In this book, I talk about why different lenses are better for some situations, varying creative methods to get blur in the foreground or background, & camera functions and settings that work best in certain situations. Lots of picture examples, which include my settings and which lens I used for each image. It is also color coded, with each tip a different color to better seperate the ideas for you.  I loved the mini book idea so much that I did the same for this–easy to place in your camera bag and take along with you. 20 mini pages=5 full pages packed full of info. $12 for the e-copy; $22 for the printed copy.

Here is one of the pages blurred:  Here is an exerpt from the beginning of this book:

In beginner photography, you are trying to avoid blurry out of focus images: the dreaded camera shake blur that comes from too slow of a shutter speed, and not understanding how to compensate for that. By learning how to control your manual settings, you begin to understand how to avoid that unintentional blur.

In intermediate photography, you begin to want to learn how to achieve creative blur or depth of field by having something in the foreground or the background blurred.  This is a different kind of blur, an intentional artistic move that comes from understanding varying focusing principles.  I’ve come up with 12 tips and techniques to help guide you and your photography to a higher level; let’s begin our journey!

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