Decorating with Giant Wall Art

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Hi Kristen Duke fans! I’m so stinking excited to be here! This is one of my most favoritest series ever! I’m Kimbo from a girl and a glue gun and I blog about all things crafty!

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I recently moved into a new house and have slowly started to fill up my blank walls. (very, very, slowly!)

I’ve had such a hard time decided what to fill up my walls with…large works of arts? shelves? a fun painted stencil?

but i realized…the best way to decorate is putting up things I love…

and i love my family…

thus my family adorns my walls


(sometimes i wish i could just nail my kids to the wall just to keep the house clean…) but since i can’t– i settle for pictures!!!

I had this one wall…(that was the main wall you see when you walk into my living room)…and i wanted it to have a “moment”

and with the aid of some $8 prints from Costco…three foam core boards and a GIANT frame from Cut it out frames

this wall is definitely having it’s moment!!!

giant wall art with cut it out frames a girl and a glue gun

it makes me happy when i walk into the room!!!

giant wall decorating with pictures and cut it out frames

come over to my blog to see the how-tos…and to see some more awesome cut it out frames in action!!!

cut it out frames with decorating with pictures


Thank you, Kim! I love this look, and GIANT on the wall is my fave!  The frame rocks, and the circle is pretty fab, too!

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Decorating with Pictures Ideas

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