Halloween Photo Booth Props

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Print off these Halloween Photo Booth Free Printable Props for your family, the church party, or a neighborhood get together, fun for everyone!

Halloween Photo Booth Free Printable Props

I’m happy to share with you these fun Halloween Photo Booth Free Printable Props. If you don’t know by know, I’m fanatical about holidays AND photography, so these photo booth props are a marriage of both of my creative LOVES!  I made a quick video that you may enjoy watching, all about how quick and easy it is to create your own photo booth.

My kids think it’s so much fun to dress up for the holidays, and though we have costumes to wear for Halloween, it’s always fun to get into the spirit with pumpkins and mummy’s and witch hats–oh my!

Halloween Photo Booth Free Printable Props

  1. Print on cardstock
  2. Cut out the shapes (kids 8+ do a great job of this)
  3. Tape to straws or popsicle sticks
  4. Take pictures!

You can do a few different things for the backdrop:

  • White wall
  • tape up cardstock
  • Sheet
  • tablecloth
  • fabric
  • spider web

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Aren’t these so much fun??? Here is my daughter with the witch hat and nose on an orange fabric background:

Witch Photo Booth Prop for Halloween

Next is my other daughter with a black sheet and white fake spider webbing all over it:

Jack-o-lantern Halloween photo booth prop

I simple LOOOOVE the vampire mouths, the frankenstein head the witch hat!  Thanks again to Kiki Creates for creating my vision to share above!

To download the prints, click on the links below:

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