How to Turn Images to One Color in Photoshop

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Monochromatic Images are a fun way to make any image fit in with your home decor.  Let me show you how to turn images into one color using photoshop. It’s a very artistic twist for pictures, and I love how this turned out. I shared the image below on my Girls Fancy Room Makeover, and my girls think it is so fun!


Since I already had my Fancy Gallery Wall in my girls room, I wanted a few more pictures up from that shoot, but more subtle. Above their headboard provided just the spot for 3 white frames and pictures, so I decided to turn each image into just one color for a splash of ARTSY mixed into the scene.


In Photoshop, I’m often using the Color Value. When I pull up a color, there is a code at the bottom of my pop up that describes the specific color that I can grab and use when needed. I had specific color shades that I wanted to use for my images, so I took my eye dropper color picker in photoshop and “grabbed” the colors from images I’d taken in the girls room: teal blue, purple, and lime green.


How to Make Monochromatic Images:

Once I had my preferred colors, this is how I made my art:

  1. Open up your image and convert to grayscale by going Image>Mode>Grayscale.
  2. Go to Image>Mode>Duotone
  3. In Duotone, choose “monotone” under the dropdown menu.
  4. Click the color swatch for the color you want to use (or I copy the exact color code I want into the box). It generally starts off black.
  5. Once you’ve selected your color, you have converted your color to a pantone color
  6. Now this type of file doesn’t save as a .jpg, so you have to go over to Image>Mode>RGB color
  7. File > Save as and rename the file

Here is a screen shot of step 1:


Step 2:

screenshot grayscale tone

And Step 4:


I printed my image on cardstock on my home printer, but you can also print at a photo lab.

I LOVE how this turned out! Not wanting to ding the pink planked wall too much, I used Command Strips to stick ’em to the wall.

I only use photoshop, so if someone makes a tutorial for picmonkey or another software, let me know and I’ll link it up.

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