Episode #001: Linda Hobson // From Infertility to Raising Teens

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I’m delighted to kick start my parenting podcast, Beyond Good Intentions, with an interview from my dear friend Linda. From infertility to raising teens, we talk about it all, and have a bunch of laughs along the way!

Linda now raises her family in Illinois, but for 5 years, she lived down the street from me in Texas.  We figured out the toddler parenting thing together. You’ll hear the story of how we met, but also Linda’s heart as she’s raising her 4 children amidst initial challenges with infertility.

Our conversations start with the story of her intense teen years growing up in a family with 8 kids.  She shares what her mother did that made all the difference. We continue on, discussing how she parents 3 teens herself (plus a younger child).  She and I discuss figuring out the different communication needs of each child and the importance of validating. We go on to discuss the zone system with household jobs, and the cell phone challenge that all parents deal with.

We may go off onto a few tangents, but I believe in those details are where the real stories take place.


Listen to:Linda Hobson // From Infertility to Raising Teens

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You may get a kick out of why she called me LAZY, I’m curious if you side with her or me!  


Beyond Good Intentions Parenting Podcast From Infertility to Raising Teens

And just for fun, I wanted to share a few pictures of Linda and I through the years:

Linda through the years

{Our boys were besties, coloring on the walls and everything else together}


Join the Conversation:  Linda Hobson // From Infertility to Raising Teens

What is it that stuck out to you from our conversation? What is something you want to try to implement in YOUR family? Of course we can’t incorporate everything all at once, but if you can take just one thing from this conversation, what would it be? Don’t be overwhelmed with your parenting to-do list, just make simple changes.

We will continue the discussion on social media the day this episode goes live, and if you hear it later, you can search through the hashtag #beyondgoodintentionspodcast to see what others said. I’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts on this episode, and Heather may show up as well! You can follow her on her website lovelymatters.com and on instagram at @lovelymattersblog Besides chatting on social media, you know how much I love REVIEWS on itunes, so share there to help this podcast reach more people. I hope you can leave this discussion with ways to strengthen your family Beyond Good Intentions.

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  1. Norm Hill says:

    Great podcasts. I’m going to really enjoy this series. I liked Linda’s comment about “assuming good intentions” Very helpful.

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  6. Kim Olsen says:

    I just started listening to your podcast, and am so grateful that you started with this interview. I am pregnant with my second, and struggled with secondary infertility and being diagnosed with PCOS. Even though I know I’m not the only one who has had this experience, it’s nice to gather strength from others of the same faith. My faith was really tested with the infertility challenges, but I am happy to say, it all makes sense why we had to go through this.

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