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I’ve got an “on my mind Monday” post in the works, but it might not be til later Monday night. I’ve had this in the que to share, so thought I’d post it now.

I mentioned in this post that I was excited to listen to the prophet and apostles speak this last weekend from our churches General Conference. I was indeed uplifted. As I listened, I typed out a few of my favorite quotes and shared them on my Instagram which I uploaded to my Facebook and Twitter as well.  I was pleasantly surprised to see how well they were received (likes/shares on Facebook), and thought I’d share them here, too.


It is from the talk, Grateful in any Circumstance. Watch the video or read it on that link.


From the talk, Fear Not; I am with Thee. Read the entire talk or watch the video on the link.


From the talk, What are you Thinking? Read the entire talk or watch the video on the link.


From the talk, Protection from Pornography—a Christ-Focused Home. Read or watch the video on the link.


From the talk, The Cost—and Blessings—of Discipleship. Read or watch the video on the link.

Did you watch General Conference last weekend? Favorite talk/theme?

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