Kindergarten Silly Love Notes

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As you may know, my baby heads off to kindergarten next week, and this momma is feeling kinda sad!  If you haven’t seen, I’ve shared over 100 lunch box notes in the past for my older kids in the past, and  since she isn’t quite on the full reading train yet, I wanted to make her some silly love notes that will make her smile!back to school lunch box notes

I asked one of my designers to create 2 weeks worth of cute notes, out of food, and I think she did an amazing job! Check out her etsy shop at C {dot} Love for her other fabulous creations.

Here is the full page of printables:

Kinder silly notes

{Download all ten HERE}

If you want lunch jokes and brain teasers for your older kids, click on over to those pages to download them.  I’ve also got them for holidays throughout the year, and plan to share some fun kinder silly faces for holidays, too.

free printables