Monster Jokes

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Print off some monster jokes and stuff them into your kids lunches, and you’ll send a little scary into their day while they are away! Lunchbox jokes are a great way to share love while your family is away.

monster jokes

I’ve shared so many versions of lunch box jokes, I’m happy to share this set of monster jokes. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, sending jokes into the lunches of your kids or spouse is always a WIN!

I used to send along love notes, and there is nothing wrong with that, but at some point, I wondered if it was too repetitive, or mushy, or if my kids got teased by my sappiness.

I wanted to put a little “mom” into their school day, but wanted to do it a little different than the daily notes. Over 5 years ago, I shared my first set of lunchbox jokes, and you just can’t hold me back now! I first covered all of the major holidays throughout the year, then went onto other themes like Disney and On the Farm and Under the Sea.

I’ve loved hearing feedback that the kids love them (even the TEENS!) their friends, and even the wives sending jokes along with their husbands’ lunch for work.

Monster Jokes

  • Share in kids lunches
  • share in spouse lunches
  • tape them around the house for kids to discover
  • print and cut and package for a friends birthday (so they can have a mom win!)

Last year, I did the last one, printed and cut them out for my sister-in-law as a gift. Her husband was under treatment for Leukemia, and she was running ragged from the hospital to home, with her 4 kids. I thought it would be a fun gift for her, to make an easy mom love kit, and I was happy to send that along to her. All she had to do was pull them out of an envelope for the kids.

I’ve also taped them around for holidays, so fun to discover!

>>>>>To download this set of monster jokes, click heremonster_jokes

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