New Years Eve Coloring Page

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My girls had so much fun with this New Years Eve Coloring Page, and I’m happy to share it today with it’s companion clock coloring page.  Last year, the New Year’s Bingo cards and New Year’s Eve photo booth printables were shared, I love adding to the fun!

New Years Eve Connect the Dots Coloring Page


New Years Eve Coloring Page

Are your kids as excited about coloring pages as much as my girls are? It doesn’t matter if we have a stack of coloring books in the house, they love to look online for something new and different, so I love to offer that on my site, too.


This New Years Eve Coloring Page is a great addition to your activities on the last night in 2015.  Last year, I also shasred New Year’s Eve photo booth props as well as New Year’s Eve Bingo.  If you’re wanting to capturing fireworks, I shared some tips on how to photograph fireworks.

Here is a shot of the top hat “color by number” before it’s fully colored in…who doesn’t love a giant mustache and glasses?

top hat coloring page for new years

You can download the connect the dots top hat coloring page here (Updated for 2018):

For the clock coloring page, you can grab it at my friend Tatertots and Jello’s page today here: New Years Eve clock coloring page

My girls had their own different spins on these. One used the traditional black, silver, and gold, while my younger daughter just got out all of the colors.

new years eve coloring pages

top hat new years free coloring page

Below is the older version from 2016, you don’t want that for 2018!

New Years Connect the Dot coloring pages


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  1. Crystal says:

    Love the dot-to-dots!! How fun for the kiddos. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

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  3. Happy new year!

  4. sdjsa says:

    Thanks so much for sharing

  5. Thanks so much for sharing