One Year Old Baby Pictures

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Baby Evelyn is my current most favorite baby. I get to squeeze her at least on a weekly basis, and I met her the day she was born. She’s the youngest of one of my dearest friends in town, Shelley, and it was a delight and a pleasure to take her one year old baby pictures! With a cute little mini pink chair, and some balloons, we wrapped up the shoot after 20 minutes (even with some brief tears). This little Eve was a breeze!

One year baby photography with balloons

I spotted this adorable mini pink chair at my hair salon the day before, and I knew it would be just perfect! I was so happy the owner was kind enough to let me borrow it. Little Eve fit on it like a glove.

first year baby picture ideas

Look at those cute little teeth popping through!first year baby picture ideas

There was a brief moment of sadness when the balloons were taken away by the wind, and a few popped. It was tragically sad and hilariously adorable at the same time, this little ball of cuteness and her face. Gotta capture that, too.

balloons flying away in baby photo session

Even after the balloons popped, and she got startled, Eve was able to pull it together to laugh and play with us.

Happy baby pictures first year


babys first birthday pictures

We then had a little outfit and location change, mom and dad were on hand to make it seamless.

outfit change for baby

So sweet…

Baby pictures first year photos

Then, the lip came out, pleading, “please, can we be done?”

sad baby at the end of first year pictures

Ok, baby Eve, you did good, you’re free to go…

One year photography

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