Outdoor Sports Photography Tips

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Sports Photography Tips to help you capture all of the special memories from your child’s season.

If your kids play outdoor sports, you know it can be challenging to capture all of their great moments.  I wanted to share some sports photogray tips to help you capture all of those special memories. 

Outdoor Sports Photography Tips

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For anyone who wants some Outdoor Sports Photography Tips, I wrote an article all about it over at the New York Institute of Photography. You can read all about it HERE.

I’ve been photographing my kids playing outdoor sports for a good 10 years. When I first started, I was shooting on auto (gasp). Then at some point along the way, I realized I wanted more from my pictures, and learned how to use my manual settings (I’ve got a book on that if you want to learn). I’ve always said that it’s better to have low quality images and capture the moment than to not have the moment captured at all. I don’t grimace at my photography 10 years ago, but I realize how far I’ve come. Here is a little walk down memory lane for me. 

Sports Photography Tips

Come learn how to take better outdoor sports pictures.   I also recently wrote about Adding Dimension to your Photography and Tips to Photograph FOOD. Or for more photo tips about a variety of things HERE.

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