Photo Clipboard Sign

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Good Morning! The eighteen25 girls here and we are so excited to be sharing a project today. We love us some Kristen Duke (she’s one of our favorites) and we always look forward to all the wonderful ideas that are shared during the Decorating with Pictures Series.


We love to decorate with pictures in our homes… it’s not only inexpensive, but it just has a way of giving our homes that warm home-y feel. Today we are sharing a fun Photo Clipboard Sign. It’s a quick and easy project and you can customize it using the colors you enjoy in your home.
• piece of wood from the home improvement store (the size of this piece is about 3/4″ x 9″ x 24″)
• foam pouncer
• gold metallic paint
• white paint + brush (we used a foam brush)
• 2 6×9 inch clipboards (found these at michaels)
• wood glue
• if your board is a little rough, sand it down first.
• then give it a coat of the white paint (we watered it down just a bit).
• once that is dry, “pounce” on your gold polka dots (we did some measuring to get an idea of where to add the dots).
• after those are dry, you can add wood glue to the back of your clipboards and place them on. before the glue dries, you can move them around as needed to get them in the right spot using a ruler to measure around the three sides. add some weights or canned foods until the glue is completely dry.
We’d love for you to come over and visit us on Eighteen25. Today we are sharing some of the other projects we’ve done with pictures. You can never have to many picture projects on your to-do list!
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These girls! I love everything about them AND their creative blog. I’ve been inspired by them for YEARS, and if you don’t know about their fabulous-ness, I advise you to click on over and check them out. This photo clipboard is such a fun idea!
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