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Hi guys!  I’m Amy and I blog over at My 3 Monsters.  This is me in a nutshell:  I’m a mom of three, wife of one, serial-project-starter, baked-goods-enthusiast, craft-lover.  Oh, I’m also an interior designer. {At least that’s what my college degree says!} I’m pretty excited to be here today for Kristen’s Decorating with Pictures series.

I have a little secret to share with y’all.  Lean in close so Kristen doesn’t hear.  I haven’t always been very good about decorating with photographs in my home.  Phew!  I feel so much better now that the cat’s out of the bag!  I’m super honored to be here today because Kristen’s blog is what has inspired me to add more personal touches to our home by using family photos in our decor.  She has also given me the courage to get in some of those photos, too, instead of always hiding behind the camera.

Today I’m sharing how I made this fun Scrappy Photo Frame Garland to hang from my chicken wire cabinets in my dining room.  Don’t tune out if you don’t have chicken wire!  It would also make a great addition to a mantle {I don’t have one of those} or any old wall in your home.  The supplies are inexpensive and you can whip it up in about an afternoon.

Stop by my blog for a detailed tutorial of how I made this cute scrappy garland.  Because the pictures are small, it invites people into our home to get a better look.  It catches your eye from the front door, so everyone wants to come on in and see the photos up close.  I love that!  Plus, it’s a bright, cheerful reminder of some of the fun things we’ve done together as a family.  That’s what good home decor is all about in my book!

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Ha! I won’t hold it against you!! That’s what this series is all about…inspiring others, and happy that you got some inspiration! I love this photo frame garland, so cute!!

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