Family Picture Clothes by Color Series-Orange

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Welcome to the ORANGE post, where I share ideas on What to Wear in Family Pictures with the color ORANGE! This is part of a greater series all about colors in family pictures, see the intro post on that link for more great ideas.

For the longest time, orange was my favorite color. I still love it, but hot pink and turquoise have moved to the top of the list (look around my site–you’ll see). I think orange is often forgotten, but I LOVE all the beautiful shades. It’s especially seen in the fall when the leaves change color, so a great time to pull it out for pictures. Also in the orange category is coral, peach, and rust. I’m delighted to share some orange inspiration below.

How to dress for family photos

Click on the links to be taken to the original site, where you may see more of each family session.

Here is a fun little video I put together to give you a visual for what to wear in family pictures: What to Wear in Family Pictures BY COLOR! 100+ ideas!

Burnt Orange paired with blues. Lovely.  More great images on the link of this family. What to Wear in family pictures BY COLOR! 100+ ideas!

Tangerine with tan and turquoise. This is my bestie, and there are many others on this shoot that I love on the link. The stripes and solids work well here. What to Wear in family pictures BY COLOR! 100+ Ideas!

Coral with pink. Mom found a fabulous dress and coordinated around it.


Pumpkin Orange with mustard yellow and brown. This is my family and I loved planning for this shoot. I love my older daughters butterfly dress and sisters polka tights. If you look closely, you can see buttons on the strap of the baby dress. They actually came in other colors, but I cut them out and hand stitched in buttons to match our clothes. The lengths I go to…made the headband, recommended my husband wear an orange under shirt.  Click on link to see more! What to Wear in Family Pictures BY COLOR(Orange)! 100+ ideas!

 Jessica Bowers Photography has this tomato orange with mustard and navy. Such a cute picture! I love when there is color on the bottom half, those mustard pants are doing just that. What to Wear in Family Pictures by COLOR(Orange)! 100+ ideas!

Orange with navy and brown. My little brother and his fam a few years ago. Love the stripes, polka dots, and vest. See more cute pics on the link! What to Wear in family pictures by COLOR(Orange)! 100+ ideas!

Peach and blue with a touch of gray. This color combo is lovely, and this fam is adorable. More great pictures on the link! What to Wear in Family Pictures by COLOR(Orange)! 100+ ideas!

 REbekah Westover Photography shares Carrot Orange  Love the polka dot tights with the striped shirt. Love the Brown jacket over the sons plaid shirt. These colors just scream fall! What to Wear in Family Pictures by COLOR(Orange)! 100+ ideas!

 Caroline Photo smith shares this: Salmon & Light Orange Love this fabulous extended family photo using pinks and grays on the beach.

orange and blue clothing in pictures

Although this isn’t a full family, I had to include this for the sake of orange. The sweater, the scarf, the skinny belt. LOVE!


Which is your favorite ORANGE outfit???

Don’t forget to check out all of the other colors this week, on the original post HERE.

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