Family Picture Clothes by Color Series-Purple

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Welcome to the PURPLE post, where I share ideas on What to Wear in Family Pictures with the color PURPLE! This is part of a greater series all about colors in family pictures, see the intro post on that link for more great ideas.

I think purple often gets neglected. It’s generally known as a “girly” color, but it’s so bold and powerful. It also doesn’t get much love around holidays. I mean, maybe at Valentine’s Day or Halloween as an after thought, but where is the purple love??? I’ve got it for you right here! If you love purple and want to plan some family pictures around that color, check out the inspiration below!

How to pick clothes for family photos

Please click on the links below each image to see the original source, more from that session, or just more from that photographer.


Here is a fun little video I put together to give you a visual for what to wear in family pictures:

purple and khaki clothes

Purple and khaki green Such happy colors and happy family.


purple and black clothes

Purple and black. I love the layers and the clothes pulled together here. Lots more fun pictures on the link.

purple and yellow clothes

Purple and yellow. Love love the mustard with the purple. Love the skirt, the wedges, the cardigan, the girls belt over ruffles, leggings, just yummy. What to Wear in Family Pictures by COLOR-Purple! 100+ Ideas!

Purple with Black. I am completely crushing over these purple pants. Love how dad has purple peeking out under his sweater, and touches on the little girl, too. What to Wear in Family Pictures by COLOR-Purple! 100+ ideas!

Bright Purple. Black and gray go well with purple, love this big family, too! Click to see more. What to Wear in Family Pictures by COLOR-Purple! 100+Ideas!

Purple and Gray I shared another image of this family in the BLUE post, they do a great job with pictures! Love the varying shades of purple paired with black and gray. What to Wear in Family Pictures by COLOR-Purple! 100+ Ideas!

Plum I promised to not duplicated pictures from one post to the next, but this is the only one I’ve done that for, I LOVE the bold purple here, and also used it in the GREEN post for dads unique green color. More fun pictures on the link.

What to Wear in Family Pictures by Color

Mauve This is a different shade of purple, and I love how they have it paired with layered vests and cardigans.

What to Wear in Family Pictures by COLOR

Royal Purple with black and gray. LOVE the statement the purple makes in this image. Click for more fun images (check out the father/daughter shot)

What to Wear in Family Pictures by COLOR

Purple and Yellow. LOVE these bold shades, love the yellow and blues with it.

What to Wear in Family Pictures by Color

Purple and Brown with lime green. Love the colors and images from this family, see more on the link.


Which is your favorite PURPLE outfit???

Don’t forget to check out all of the other colors this week, on the original post HERE.

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  1. Brooke says:

    love this so much! I am definitely going to share your series with families this year 🙂 Thank you!!!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Yay, I’m so glad you love it, and thanks!!

  2. jung+a says:

    The last time we had pictures taken of our family, we wore purple, magenta and gray! I found a dress for my daughter that I loved & it had flowers with those colors in it, so I worked all our outfits around those colors.

    • Kristen Duke says:

      That sounds fabulous, I’d love to see! It is fun to find that perfect central piece and then plan all around it!! It helps a lot, too!

  3. Tiffany says:

    I love this!! There are so many beautiful ways to wear purple! We are getting our family pictures done this weekend and we are doing black, grey, denim and purple… I can’t wait!!!