Planning out a Gallery Wall

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Hi there! I’m Chris from Just a Girl, and I’m so happy to join Kristen’s series! Family photos are one of my favorite ways to decorate around the house. Unfortunately, I’m not very good at updating the photos, so I try to keep them condensed together in an effort to make it easier for me to stay up on them. Of course, another problem I have (among others) is that I don’t do well with cluttered looks. And believe me–a gallery wall walks the tightrope when it comes to being cluttered-looking.

Gallery wall hallway

I’ve used a few different approaches in the past–mixing in shelves to elongate the look…

Gallery wall

Or keeping the frames the same color to help the chaos blend into the wall a bit…

Gallery pictures

My plan of attack this time involved two things. 1. Keep the tones neutral and similar. I love all white frames, but I wanted touches of black to pick up on other frames in the hall. 2. Large frames. Too many little frames starts to get a little car-za-zy for me, so the larger lines keep things simple. I like simple.

Gallery template

I measured out the wall and used some butcher paper (taped together) as a stencil. I messed around with a few arrangements on my table, and once I got what I liked, I drew out each frame on the paper.

Gallery wall template paper

I then hung the paper on the wall and nailed right into it. When I had all the nails where they needed to be, I tore the paper away from the wall and hung up the frames. It’s the easiest way to do a gallery wall! I swear by it! Gallery wall

You’ll notice I’m still waiting on a couple of pictures to come in for some frames, but I love the look. It’s not too busy, but it’s quite a conversation piece when company comes over. I used a similar concept for my corner gallery wall I did in the mudroom too! But like I said–it started to give me hives, so I had to clean it up a bit.

Corner gallery

Thank you Kristen for inviting me to be a part of this series! I love seeing how everyone decorates with pictures in their homes! If you’d like to get to know me a little better…

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Thank you for sharing your home, Chris!

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