Proud to Be an American

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Proud to be an American is one of the greatest patriotic songs, and I’m delighted to share this free printable page to add to the collection of other 4th of July ideas and patriotic songs I’ve shared in the past.

I’m SO thrilled with how my designer Lauren pulled this together, I’m in LOVE with the cute elements, especially the UNITED STATES right in the center and the cute little TEXAS just below…what can I say, I was born in Texas and raised my family there for 17 years! And the two cute kids at the bottom with their hands over their heart is adorable.

You may have also noticed the family logo from the Beyond Good Intentions podcast in the top right. Just too cute!

Print this off, gather the kids and cousins and neighborhood to learn this song together to celebrate the 4th and beyond.

>>PRINT THIS IMAGE HERE Proud to Be an American

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