4th of July Picture Ideas

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Here are some 4th of July Picture Ideas to share, fun to take and use the photos as decoration year after year.

4th of July Picture Ideas with American Flag

4th of July Pictures

I’ve always had a little beef with the 4th of July because it’s 3 days before my birthday, and I often felt like it stole my thunder. There, I said it, it’s the truth. Growing up, and even into adulthood, friends would often be out of town and unable to celebrate with me because they took advantage of the ONE DAY OFF all summer that is a government holiday. Rightly so…makes sense.

As an adult, some years I wanted to make sure we were home for my birthday, while other years I wanted to spend it on a vacation. Either way, I focused on that day instead of July 4th, but I’ve grown to love it more over the years.

Additionally, I am very grateful for this country, my freedom, and you know I love a good theme picture.

This year for my husbands family reunion, we are going for a patriotic family pictures theme. As I searched the internet for some ideas, I saved a few in my July 4th Pinterest board, and I thought I’d share some of my favorites right here on a post for anyone else who wants some inspiration for a group or individual kids.

American Flag pictures

There are so many cute ways to take pictures with the actual American flag, whether a baby wrapped up in it or people holding the flag, I found these ideas to be my favorite.

American flag silhouette



american flag on shoulders


jumping with american flag



American flag with girl


4th of July baby in American Flag


4th of July Photo Booth Ideas

Who doesn’t love the idea of a photo booth? Essentially, you set up a scene or backdrop for party goers to jump into and take their own pictures. Whether you create this scene for just your family, or an event, you simply just designate a spot for pictures and decorate for it. Then, at a party, people can use their own cameras to snap their own shots. I found a variety of cute ideas just for this concept.

4th of July Photo booth props; just print, cut, and pose for patriotic pictures.

Free printable: 4th of July Photo Booth Props

paper chain flag

Paper Chain Flag (source)

balloon flag

Balloon Flag

Backdrop of stars (source)

Crate and banner setup (source)

Paper pinwheels (source)

I love the ribbons just dangling from the trees (source)

flag backdrop (source)


Patriotic Family Pictures

In case you don’t know by now, I love a different color theme for family pictures. If you haven’t seen all of the ideas I’ve shared in the past for what to wear in family pictures by color, you may just want to check that out (or pin it) for later. We planned once for patriotic extended family pictures, and I loved these ideas for dressing a group in patriotic 4th of July colors.

Red White and Blue Family Pictures

patriotic family pictures

Extended patriotic family pictures (source)

family pictures patriotic


red white and blue clothes

Red, White, and Blue clothes (source)


This is our family when my son got his Eagle Scout award. The boys in uniform and the girls in Americana patriotic clothes.

4th of July on Amazon:

I love purchasing items from Amazon, they come quickly and I don’t have to leave my house! Here are a few helps for gathering 4th of July picture items

More ideas on my website to celebrate the 4th of July:

4th of July Patriotic Ideas

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