Santa’s Reindeer Specimen Art Printable Decoration

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I haven’t even shared all of the cute creations that I asked my designer to whip up for me. Some of them are probably lost between her email to me and where I saved it on my computer. I have all of these fun ideas floating in my head, or I’ll see something cute, and think it needs a fresh approach, and I’ll email her, and she does an amazing job of creating my vision! She even puts up with my revisions, tweaking things here and there, so they are perfect in my eyes. I’m not so great with creating digital design, but I know what I want when I see it, so I’m just so grateful for her!

I adore this reindeer specimen art printable decoration, and as with most printables, they great framed, on an easel, as a gift tag, or mod podged to wood. EASY gift idea, or just for your Christmas home decor!  This one imitates specimen art, with cute little Rudolf and his red nose on the bottom.

Santa's Reindeer Specimen Art Printable Decoration, great Christmas decor, gift tag, or gift!

To download this print, click here: Reindeer Specimen Art

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