#35 Ralphie Jacobs // Simply On Purpose Positive Parenting

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Welcome to episode #35 of the beyond good intentions podcast! woohoo, look at how far we’ve come! I started this little party in January, and I’ve loved having you join my journey as I strive to become a more intentional parent. I encourage you to listen to the 9 minute introduction of this podcast to understand my goal here, but you may just get the idea from listening to one. I hope you’ll peruse other titles and descriptions, and listen to others that resonate with you. Some of you are new to me and what I share, while many of you have been around since I began my online sharing back in 2010.

Ralphie and I have very similar missions. She’s a student of books, which I whole heartedly commend, and I’m a student of the community. This podcast is about me seeking answers and ideas from others in storytelling form, and what works for them, and incorporating into my family life what I feel will work for us. I love learning from others life experiences, and I’ve loved conducting these interviews with now 35 people, because it has shaped my parenting ideas into what I want to become.

Ralphie, who is sharing about her SWITCH to positive parenting, key word “switch” which I love…a good reminder that we can all CHANGE our patterns at any time.

Positive Parenting We also talked about the idea behind the book The Entitlement Trap, and I wanted to know HOW I can know if my kids are entitled (no one wants to think their kids are). LOVED her response about GRATITUDE!!

If you are new to Ralphie and what she shares, I hope you’ll check out more info on her instagram @Simply On Purpose. She has really done her research, and practices what she preaches. I’d also love you to hop on over to MY instagram at @capturing joy.kristenduke and share what your insights were from our chat today. You can link to both accounts directly in the show notes as well. Share What stuck out to you? What will you aim to implement in your parenting? What was your “ah ha” moment from our chat?

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