Sliding Barn Door TV Cover Tutorial

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I’m so squealing excited to share one of my big surprises that I’ve been working on.  This sliding barn door TV cover has been in the works since last October and it’s finally DONE!


Cover your TV when it isn't in use!



Check it out:


Materials:  $75

Time: 2-3 hours labor

I am seriously in love with this new piece of furniture/home decor…mostly because when our TV isn’t being watched, it is HIDDEN! And because my hubby and I worked together to make it come to life.

Do you wanna hear the story behind it all before the tutorial?  Well, you’re going to.

It took a lot for me to say goodbye to my beloved green armoire.  Fortunately, it didn’t go far (now in my office with his twin sisters) but I just loved it.  Loved it’s height, it’s green-ness, that I could shut the tv away.  We had an OLLLLD tv inside of it, and we were just fine with it.  I figured I’d keep it forever.  I didn’t need to upgrade to no stinkin’ flat screen and abandon my dear 27 inch television. I wouldn’t do that.  My hubby seemed quite content to do that as well.  But, we figured we wouldn’t be gettin’ any teenagers over here for movie parties, so we had to step up our game. (Though my son is only 11, we are planning ahead). It took months for me to warm to the idea, and I told my hubby the only way I would do it is if we could figure out a way to cover it.

We started talking about wooden sliding contraptions, and the idea of the barn door was formed.  Lucky for me, my hubby is quite skilled in wood working as well as design.  I was very adament about a few things and one was that I didn’t want to see any hardware. I didn’t want to see metal when the door was closed. He came up with a drawing that delighted me, and we set forth to find a TV. We got that in October, but I said we couldn’t actually build the barn door until I found the perfect buffet type situation to anchor it down underneath.  So, the barn door building was at a hault until I found that perfect piece.

I originally found a hutch for $600 unfinished, but I wanted to find something for $100.  The week after we got the tv, I ran all over town to good wills, furniture stores, looked online, you name it. I knew I wanted it a certain height and width and everything else didn’t really matter. I also knew I was going to paint it, so finish also didn’t matter.

I had seen a few on Craigs List, but I wasn’t fast enough to act on them.  I was trying to be methodical and think it through, but I realized I kinda had to be impulsive.  I found an intermediate piece at Salvation Army that was sortof what I wanted…but not really.  When I bought it, I figured I could turn around and sell it for the same price…once I got my desired piece.

{black temporary stand}

It was almost Thanksgiving and my hubby started to get cranky that I hadn’t found something yet, because he was anxious to get building. I looked again at the $600 piece, because I decided it was exactly what I wanted:  a few drawers, a few cabinets, perfect height and width.

I checked Craigs List for one last ditch effort and there it was! I believe it was the morning of Black Friday. Everyone was out shopping, but this is the only shopping I did.  I emailed and called the listing, and they were anxious to have me come quickly…so I did.  I can’t remember the price, but right around $100.  I was happy!

Now we could get started on the barn door!  Hubby got a bunch of fence pieces at the store, and started piecing them together. It cost around $15 dollars to make the actual barn door with fence slats and 2×4’s

{I couldn’t decide if I wanted an “x” or  “v” so here hubby sits and waits as I stare at it and try to figure it out}

He had planned all along to use drawer sliders, but upon realizing the longest they had locally (and inexpensive) wouldn’t go as far as we planned, we felt stuck.  My hubby called a bunch of local stores and looked all over online.  What we wanted would be about $400+ for the 48 inches he needed because it was a specialty order…and for those, they would extend on the wall beyond our barn door, and I wanted it all to be concealed underneath.

SO, he decided to get 2-24 inch draw sliders ($18 each) and build them in a series with each other to form the 48 inches he needed. Those mounted on 2×4’s on the back of the door and under the TV.

Once that got into place, he had to line up the hardware on the door with the hardware on the wall, and that was a lot of measuring tedious-ness! And I was only watching!  Lets say we slid the door off and on approximately 1000 times (this in not included in the 2-3 hour approximation).  Maybe a few less. It was sticking and not closing all the way at times, other times, the measurement was ever so slightly off. There might have been some exasperated sighs by one or both of us at times.

Our friend taught my hubby how to do some electrical re-wiring so the cord would go through the wall to the green buffet where our DVD player will be stored.

Then I stained it a nice brown stain (2 coats) with a little polyurathane on top.  Hooray!  I’m so excited to have it finally done!!!

Here are a few more pics from varying angles around the room:

{I thought I’d try out the wreath look as an option…}

Oh yeah, and we got new couches…she’s trying to “hide” from the picture, but I kinda liked her there…;)

Cover your tv

We are all pretty happy and excited about the room transformation!

We’ve since updated the room, come see our Family Room Makeover!

My friends at Pretty Providence also made a sliding barn door, to separate rooms, and it’s amazing, check it out!

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  1. I am blown away by this! SO impressive! Makes for a really great fix to an eye sore that a TV brings to the wall. I would love to do something like this!

  2. That’s awesome! If he wants to make another one, I’m not TOO far away! 😉

  3. you rock! I love it! My brother recently gave us a wonderful painting that I would love to have set onto my TV…my husband does not like such craft projects thog and I feel it might be too much to do on my own..
    I will see if I can have my uncle onboard!
    Thanks for the clear instructions!!

    BTW, Is it nice to watch the TV now, I mean with the door on the side,etc.

  4. LOVE the barn door. Love. It.
    You got a new couch, too! I keep telling Chris a sectional is perfect for this living room. Can’t wait to show him the pic!
    Really loving what you have done!!!

  5. Wow! It looks great! Can’t wait to see it in person! Your new couches look like ours. How funny. :o)

  6. Ok, that is seriously amazing!! LOVE it!! And I really liked the little wreath on it 🙂

  7. You, my dear are amazing!! Come fix my house- its ugly!

  8. This turned out AWESOME!!!! It looks amazing with your new furniture and green buffet!

  9. Great instructions! Your whole room turned out amazing! Love the new couch!

  10. L. Ruth :) says:

    Beautiful! pinned it. lets see how many re-pins i get…!

  11. WOW it’s done!!! it looks great girl! Oh and the couches are amazing too. It really is a total room transformation. But can I talk about something you didn’t mention? what’s the circle picture hanging just to the right of the tv??? is it a picture you took? tell me more please because I think I really like it!

  12. Kristen Duke says:

    Leire, I think the painting would be a great way to cover the TV in the same way….let me know if you do it!

    Lexie, yes I took the pic of the bluebonnet field/tree last year. It’s a 30×30 circle metal print ordered from my photo lab. I kinda love it, too;)

  13. Such a fun idea! Loving the Green on the Buffet Hutch!

  14. Jacqueline says:

    Totally awesome! I don’t have a tv, but if I did, I’d be scheming to somehow put this tutorial to use right about now.

  15. Awesome piece – I love it. What a great way to hid the TV with a decorative piece.

    Stopping by from TT&J

  16. This is AMAZING! I love sliding barn doors. You did such a wonderful job!

  17. Very creative idea!

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  18. This is amazing! I want a flat screen and to do this to it! I’m featuring this at

  19. Fantastic look and great tutorial. I’m going to keep this one in mind and have pinned it.

  20. This is amazing!! Love it. Will have to pin it to show to my hubby!

  21. What a great project! Love the look!

  22. very nice.
    i have an unrelated question… did you paint the trunk next to your buffet? if you did what paint color and brand is it? love the color.

  23. Shanna Drinkard says:

    I love the color green you used on your buffet! It is exactly the color I am wanting to paint the one I just got to use as an enrty table. Do you know what color paint it is? Thanks girl…the new door is awesome!

  24. Beautiful job! How handy and creative are you two? Fantastic idea!

  25. it’s georgeous!!!

  26. it’s so lovely!!! Very impressed with your hubby!!!

  27. What a great way to hide the tv! You & your husband did a great job!!!

  28. That looks SO great! I love the colors you painted your furniture too! I would love for you to share this (and any other creations) at Pin It and Win It Wednesday @– where you can win free ad-space on my blog!

  29. I simply LOVE this.

  30. Oh my goodness, girl! This is amazing!! Way to go!! Just shared on FB and pinned. 🙂 XO

  31. Wow, this is totally neat. I love it. I’ve never seen anything like this before. We may have to do this ourselves. Thanks for sharing and all the great photos. By the way, your husband is a good man to build this for you — great job!! Lots of praise!! 🙂

  32. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Megan

  33. Just found you via the feature from Southern Lovely… I LOVE your barn door TV hider, and the green entertainment cabinet, and the aqua trunk! 🙂 Thanks for sharing; off to explore the rest of your blog… I am your newest follower! 🙂

  34. SO cool! Hope you can link this up at my brand new Trendy Tuesday party going on right now!!

  35. This is brilliant!!! oh my gosh! Your house is absolutely beautiful! What a fun project, too! Thanks for sharing your ideas on “Strut Your Stuff” Saturday! We hope to see you again! -The Sisters

    p.s. Your kids are darling!

  36. Oh girl, this is so fantastic! LOVE that you got the whole family in on the work. This is being featured tonight!

  37. I’m so glad to see this Kristen…I am actually planning on doing some sort of TV cubby to hide it (TVs just do NOT work with decor, especially light/white decor) and this is great inspiration! Turned out great!

  38. Hi Kristen,
    I just discovered your barn door TV enclosure over at Inspire Me Heather’s blog. I LOVE what you’ve done here. This is such a great idea, and the colour of the cabinet below is so much fun! I’m headed off to pin… one day there may be pallets in my future for a project like this 🙂 Great job!

  39. Thanks for sharing! Your family is very creative! I am a designer and am currently looking for ideas for hiding a television behind a fireplace and I’m heading this route. We may do Barn Door on Hinges though . . .

  40. you rock! I love it! My brother recently gave us a wonderful painting that I would love to have set onto my TV…my husband does not like such craft projects thog and I feel it might be too much to do on my own..

  41. I really really want to do this. I’m adding it to my hubby’s to do list! 😉

  42. I am curious if you think this could work sliding up instead of to the side?

  43. I know I didn’t read through all the comments, but are there any instructions for this project?

  44. I can see that you photoshopped one of the cords coming down from the TV! Good job otherwise.


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