Starburst Valentines

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If you love Starburst than you will love these free printable Starburst valentines.  The perfect way to give these sweet treats to your friends on Valentine’s Day.

Starburst Valentine's Day gift idea
There are so many fun options out there for Valentine’s, but I wanted to find one that would work with one of my kids favorite treats!  Starburst!  I like valentines that are focused on friendships and I thought this fun quote would be perfect.  I’m bursting with happiness that you are my friend!   I reached out to my fabulous designer Jessika and she did a great job helping me bring these fun printable valentines to fulfillment.

starburst valentines

How to Make Starburst Valentines

These printables are the perfect width to fit a ziplock style bag.  So all you need, besides these free printables, are a  huge bag of Starbursts, and snack size storage bags.  Just stuff a handful of the candy into baggies, seal it up, and attach the label! These are simply stapled onto the top of a snack size bag.  Easy to make and perfect for your kids to handle on their own!

You can download these printable Starburst Valentines  HERE!


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