#036 Rhonda Farr // The Importance of Talking to your Kids about Sex, Intimacy, and Pornography

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Let’s talk about The Importance of Talking to your Kids about Sex, Intimacy, and Pornography: Did the title grab your attention? I hope so! In this episode of the Beyond Good Intentions parenting podcast, we talk about all the important things, including how to take the shame and guilt out of intimacy AND if kids make mistakes.

This topic is VERY important to talk about, and I’m extremely grateful my friend Rhonda reached out to me, because I wasn’t quite sure how I as going to incorporate this discussion into an everyday parenting chat, talking to your kids about sex.  This interview is a bit different than others on the podcast, in that it’s a topical based discussion vs. our standard format of storytelling about life. But I.Love.This.Topic. It’s something I’ve been passionate about talking about with my kids.

Not everyone is comfortable with this conversation of talking to your kids about sex, but we NEED TO BE, if only for our kids sake. We cannot be embarrassed. We cannot avoid the topic. We cannot wait until they come to us with questions. We need to bring up these topics to our kids.

Rhonda is a certified life coach who councils married women who have a negative association with intimacy. Often from a shame based background from their childhood. When we spoke about how we would present this to the Beyond Good Intentions audience, I asked her if we could approach it from a point-of-view of teaching our kids about sex and intimacy and pornography when they are young, so that they don’t struggle with shame as adults.  I’m a big believer that I want my kids basic knowledge to be FROM ME FIRST.

Listen here:

My takeaways:


Don’t freak out!! Stay Calm. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.   Use anatomical words. Ask your kids WHEN they saw pornography and take the shame out of it.  Let’s change the narrative! Can we do that?

Download the freebie from Rhonda : How to teach your child about sex without shame or embarrassment.

Books we spoke about in the episode:


Freebie Teaching Your Child About Sex Without Shame or Embarrassment

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The Importance of Talking to your Kids about Sex, Intimacy, and Pornography without guilt and shame

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