Thoughtful and Free Birthday Gift Ideas

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(For those that tuned in on Sat/Sun for the rest of my birthday week and didn’t see it–soo sorry! With traveling, and two computers having issues, it was quite tricky. Now to finish up the fun!)

I like to try to do something thoughtful on the special days of those I love most. I’m not saying I’m always thoughtful, but with birthdays for the friends and family in my life, I try. I’ve decided that if I don’t have something meaningful to say, I’m not going to say anything at all. Now, I don’t always approve of my ways, because sometimes it’s nice to say/do something over nothing, but I all too often have the “all or nothing” mentality. “All” for me on birthdays, is doing something thoughtful, not just trite.

free printable birthday gift

An example of that is to give a nearby friend a small gift on their birthdays. It’s the reason why I dedicated an entire post and gathered over 100 blogger friends to share ideas in my Birthday Celebration week with sharing inexpensive and easy Birthday Gifts for Friends.  

We are all busy, we all have other STUFF to do, but taking the time with a simple gesture for a friend or family member, goes a long way to show you care.

So what about those people that live far away? What about our high school friend that you simply adore that lives 5 states away? We can always take to social media, right?   I’ve got an idea for something besides, “Happy Birthday!” on the Facebook wall.

3 ways to show thoughtfulness for friends/family near or far:

  1. What if, instead of offering up a “Happy Birthday” on social media, you shared a story or fun memory from the time you shared together?  It goes beyond the generic statement, and brings a smile to their face, as well as others that know them.
  2. Something else fun to do, is to share a vintage picture of you and this friend/family. Post it, tag them,  and say something like, “I’m so grateful that we endured the high school days together, you were a big part of my life!”  I’ll occasionally do this on Instagram or even Facebook about the memory along with the picture or something else entirely. It’s something a little EXTRA that goes beyond the norm, that makes that person feel special on their birthday. I need to remember to do this more (by using the yearly free printable birthday calendar, I can remember more people!)
  3. I had this printable download made, for something simple (and just the cost of a stamp) to MAIL something to someone. You can do a card and sign your name at the bottom, but this is something personal and specific to how your friend/family is in your life.  Listing 10 things about them that makes you smile! It can be as simple as a memory to their hair to how they dress, to a quality you admire in them. How fun would that be to have this sent to you??

birthday printable

It won’t have the title on top for the print, that’s just for Pinterest sakes, so people know what it is easily! {Printable design from Jessika Reed}

Download top 10 things that make me smile HERE

I hope these ideas help you be more thoughtful on birthdays of those you love!  If you have any other FREE gift ideas, or ways to be thoughtful on birthdays, please share in the comments!!

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