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The mayhem of the Christmas season is over, and now I’m trying to cleanse my house from the clutter! I tried really hard to keep track of all of my receipts, because I knew I’d have SOME returns. I’ll buy multiple things at the store because I can’t decide, and then will return what I don’t need or love as much. If you remember last week, I shared about the CVS receipt you later program, and having my receipts digitalized on that app is a lifesaver so I don’t need to keep track of all of those papers if I need to return or exchange something. If you haven’t had a chance to download the app, what are you waiting for??

CVS phone app

{This post is a sponsored conversation in partnership with CVS Pharmacy, all stories and comments are my own}

My CVS is the closest store to my house, so we go there all the time. As I drive across this beautiful country, I see them all over, so I know lots of you out there have one within 5-10 minutes of your house, too. I’m just here to share about their Receipt You Later campaign, in case you didn’t know, digital receipts, woohoo!

A few days ago, my kids and I went in to grab some snacks on our way to an activity. I let ’em loose, and they can pick ONE thing, within a price limit. I love that I can just tell the cashier I don’t need paper, and by typing in my code, my receipt is saved.


Now for snacks that we consume right away, I won’t need to return those, but it does help keep me organized. When I buy cosmetics, gifts, anything else, very helpful.

I’m also often grabbing my milk at CVS, and one of my goals for this year is to BUDGET! Agh, I hate that word, but I need to be better at accounting for my spending, and that includes groceries.


Besides keeping track digitally for budgeting or possible return needs, I mentioned before that I love this program because maybe now I’ll get more involved in COUPONING! You know, now that I’m working on a budget and everything. CVS has such a great coupon program, I just never paid much attention to it, because I lose receipts…haha!


3 benefits of digital receipts at CVS:

  • simplicity
  • convenience
  • personalization

What could be better?

2017, here I come, I may become a coupon queen after all!

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