Travel Around the World to Eastern Europe

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The next stop on our trip around the world in 7 days, is Eastern Europe, with European travel bloggers at The Savvy Backpacker.Around the world in 7 days travel tips to Eastern Europe

9 tips for traveling to Eastern Europe

1. Save Money By Going East — When most people travel to Europe theybudapest2 hit Western Europe but there are many amazing cities in Eastern Europe. Budapest is a favorite of mine because it has a lot of great things to see but the prices are a fraction of what you’ll find in London or Paris.
2. Pack Light — This is my standard alive for any traveler but the public transportation infrastructure isn’t quite as good as Western Europe. That means you might be lugging your bags around a little more than normal so the less you pack the happier your back will be. Here is our popular packing list.
3. Beware of Crooked Taxis — Many places in Eastern Europe have earned a reputation for having dishonest taxi drivers. Always make sure to use a legit taxi company and make sure they use the meeter. Ask your hotel for an average ride fare or look online. Ask he driver for an estimate before you leave and if his number and the numbers you’ve seen elsewhere are way different then you might want find another taxi.
4. Learn the Currency — A lot of Eastern European countries have their own currency so it can get a little confusing knowing exactly how much stuff costs in US dollars. I write down the exchange rate before arriving so I know how much I’m spending. Here are some more tips on using money in Europe.


5. Hostels Are Usually Nice — I’ve traveled to a handful of cities in in Eastern Europe and the hostels are all much nicer (and cheaper) than anything I found in Western Europe. Even private hostel rooms are affordable. So if you’re looking to save some cash you should consider a hostel.budapest1
6. The Transportation Network Isn’t as Nice as Western Europe — A lot of cities and towns are connected by train but the train network isn’t as robust as Western Europe. Don’t expect as many trains and don’t expect high-speed options. There are a lot of nice and inexpensive coach services that connect major cities.
7. Find The Hidden Gems — One of the great things about Eastern Europe is the lack of tourists so you feel like you’re seeing what few foreigners have seen. Of course, you won’t be the only tourists but you’ll get a feeling that you won’t find in Paris.
8. Hearty Food… Eat It! — Eastern Europe is full of hearty, stick-to-your-ribs food that tastes delicious. I highly recommend trying all you can — which isn’t hard to do since it’s very affordable. Do do a little research before you head out so you know you’re finding a good place to eat.
9. Escape the City — There is so much natural beauty in Eastern Europe so I always recommend trying to explore some of it. Renting bikes is always one of my favorite ways to explore. And don’t forget about the smaller towns because they can be super charming and have very little visitors.
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