Travel Around the World in 7 Days

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Buckle up your seat belts, I’m about to take you Around the World in 7 Days!! I’ve traveled a bit in my day, but there are so many questions that are asked when traveling to a new spot. So I’ve gathered a handful of travel and lifestyle bloggers to share their experiences traveling around the world.

Travel to every continent

There are 195 countries in this beautiful world we live, and unfortunately, I will not have 195 posts specific to each country. I will, however, have each continent covered, with a handful of countries within each continent written about with tips and pictures to those spots.

I’ve reached out to a handful of travel and lifestyle bloggers to share some traveling tips, and I’m thrilled that I’ve got each continent covered!

This is how we will travel in the next 7 days:

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Do you have a bucket list of places you want to travel? If not, you should make one! If yes, I’d love to hear! Share in the comments below either places you’ve traveled and loved, or places you want to go.

My bucket list:

  • Ireland
  • Fiji
  • New Zealand
  • Greece
  • Turks & Caicos
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