Tribal Boho Chic TeePee Party

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The Tribal Boho Chic TeePee Party I threw for daughter was so much fun! From handmade teepee’s to making their own tribal feather headdress, we had a boho chic good time!

Boho Chic TeePee Birthday PartyThe Tribal Boho Chic TeePee Party was filled with all the colorful things. I got so excited about the coral and turquoise theme colors my daughter chose, and the teepee’s and the CAKE were over the top, and some of my FAVORITES!

My oldest daughter turned 11, and when we discussed ideas months ago, she came up with this Tribal Boho Chic TeePee Party theme all on her own, and I fell in LOVE! I’ve already had an obsession with arrows, feathers, and dreamcatchers, how did I not realize they fell into that category?  I knew I wanted a few teepee’s to be at the center of it all, so I turned to my favorite fabric stop, to find coordinating and gorgeous patterns. I love their variety, and easy to use search box for colors/styles. I’ve been using it for years. I’ll first share some party pictures, then a link to all the fabrics I used at the bottom.

My daughter chose coral, teal, and yellow as the colors, and I added in the gray as a neutral. If you haven’t already seen my tips for party planning, check out that link, I talk a lot about colors and fabrics and standard pieces to have around for parties. Generally, I decide on colors, then look for fabrics, paper, and other pieces to pull together. I was so focused on the teepee’s, that my table was very last minute put together. But aren’t these teepee’s fabulous?

I can’t take credit for the actually sewing of the teepee’s. I’ve got very basic sewing skills, but I knew this would overwhelm me to the point of throwing something through a window. I know my limits. I enlisted the help of 3 amazing friends to help me with the sewing, and in return, I’ll be taking some pictures for them in the near future.

And what about that teepee cake??? Seriously in LOOOOVE! I’m kinda sorta obsessed with adorable themed cakes, and I recently found a cake lady in my area that is amazing, Amie’s Edibles. I’ve had her make 5 cakes since March.

Then, I loved how the cake balls turned out. I love my cake pop lady, too, at Mon Aimee. I always get Oreo in the middle. I just asked for a simple design, and I stuck the feathers in once home. I love how it looks!

feather cake balls at boho chic teepee party

For the Tribal Boho Chic TeePee Party, I ordered these tribal garlands from SmithStudios2129 and I just love the design. The colors of coral and teal I found were HARD to match (with everything) so this guy hung on the fireplace, and added a great touch. My favorite part was the MINI arrows on top of the teepee. So stinkin’ cute, and must’ve been tricky to assemble!  Go check out all of the other adorable designs.

Tribal garland with feather teepee and arrow

I had this idea to use the nail board from the American flag donut wall, as part of the table backdrop. I first used gummy O’s, thinking it was be as fun as the donuts, but nope…it wasn’t. Then I thought it would be cool to do a GIANT string art teepee. And well…I didn’t particularly love it, but when my daughter saw it, she said, “MOM, that’s Amaaaaaazing, I love it!” So it stayed. I love that she loved it.

Giant Teepee String art at Tribal Boho chic party

Then I made some totem poles, literally minutes before the guests arrived. The hot glue was still drying when they walked in…They are kinda cute/quirky, right? I used my amazing fabric on them, and the table runner, and I do like how well the patterns mix.

Here is my phone shot of how I outlined with painters tape, the pattern. It was then that I realized the nails weren’t symmetrical, the right side kinda threw off the whole look.

Giant teepee string art

Teepee string art for party

{Girls had fun taking down a few days later–notice their temporary tattoos on face, neck, legs}

taking down giant string art

Here are how some elements for the Tribal Boho Chic TeePee Party came together:

Another element of the decor that I LOVE came from my talented sister in law. She created me a dreamcatcher a few years ago that still hangs in my colorful home office, and she’s a whiz at creating banners, so I asked her to make them for the event. She made the 2 giant dreamcatchers, and the adorable 20 foot scallop banner (in amazing coordinating fabrics), that I just loved how it tied everything together. Thanks, Julie!!!

Tribal Boho Chic Teepee birthday party decor

The girls had fun playing with balloons (keep them off the floor), making a feather head dress (tutorial in the future), watching a movie, and adhering gold foil temporary tattoo’s all over. Not to mention, devouring the treats!

how to play balloon game at birthday party

I may or may not have asked for guests to wear solid pastel colors….or in the theme colors. What can I say, I’m a photographer who needs coordination!  If you’d like to know how to make the tribal feather headdress craft, click on the link for the step-by-step instructions.

Friends at boho chic teepee tribal party

My boys don’t hate the teepee’s either. Here we are, a week later, and they are still up in our family room, kids camping out on these lovely summer nights.

Kids camping out in fabric teepees

The “late over” lasted til 10pm, and we sang and did the birthday candle thing right at the end in the dark, so I got to practice my night photography tricks. That one candle flame got pretty high!

birthday candles night photography

birthday candle picture

Let’s do one more pretty shot of that cake, it was heartbreaking for me to have to slice into it.

TeePee birthday cake at tribale party

All in all, the Tribal Boho Chic TeePee Party was a big hit, and probably one of my favorites of all time. The colors and the details mean so much to me!

Here are a few of the items I found on Amazon (the gummy rings were so soft and chewy and delicious, and I don’t generally like gummy things). I didn’t hang paper lanterns, but I heavily thought about it, so included them below. I heart paper lanterns, and have a great supply of them, they are re-usable!

And what would I do without my amazing, devoted helpers? My boys wrapped the top of the teepee poles with fabric or yarn, just an hour before party!

how to assemble and sew a teepee

Funny story:  I took off some family pictures and a giant clock off the walls in the background because I didn’t want them to distract from the teepee’s, and I jokingly said to my husband, “anything we can do about that air vent on the ceiling?” Ha ha…he didn’t seem to think it was as funny as I did.

I also like this shot my husband snapped of me with his phone, of the cake, teepee’s in the background, and giant string art behind me. And of course, I have to wear the theme colors…I like to get a shot of me and the birthday kid, but I forgot, boo hoo…

party prepping

Now, let’s discuss the teepee’s!

As I mentioned, I had 3 amazing friends help me: Amy, Hollie, and Nikki.

Amy and Hollie made the left and right teepee’s from this DIY fabric tutorial on Strawberry Swing and Other Things. They put their own spin on it, but that’s the base. They added windows per my request, too.

Tribal Bohemian Chic fabric Teepee

So let’s talk fabrics!  Most of the fabrics were a thick, tough fabric, great to work with on the teepee. I didn’t read the fine print on a few of them, and especially the white with teal arrows on the tallest middle teepee, I had to get white to line it, because it was almost sheer. I have always loved the search feature on There were so many cute Tribal prints that I adored, but they weren’t in my colors, but was so excited to have feathers and arrows when searching by color on that site.

I kinda overwhelmed myself when I was adding everything to my cart, and had to figure out exactly how much fabric I’d need for each teepee, plus other elements I planned to use them in. I may have over estimated some, and thought it would be fun to do a giveaway…anyone in?

I got 8 foot poles at Home Depot for just about $1 each, it was great. The right and left teepee were about 5 feet, the middle went about up to 7.5 feet.

Anyway, here are some steps for how they came together.

Left teepee made by my friend Hollie, here are the fabrics:

Right teepee and floor quilt made by my friend Amy, here are the fabrics:

Middle teepee:

This was a labor of love, and my friend Nikki said she probably spent 40 hours on it! Yikes!  I found a beautiful design on etsy that I patterned it after, and asked her to re-create. She did an AMAZING job!!!  Here are the fabrics used (besides what is above):

One last fabric that I didn’t end up using, but I loved so much, I have an idea of something fun I’ll make with it, so stay tuned:

Here is a sketch instructions for that middle patchwork teepee

Patchwork TeePee Directions

I’d love to hear, which is YOUR favorite fabric???

I’m so stinkin’ happy with how it all came together, I don’t ever want to take the teepee’s down!!!

I do love parties, and I know I go a bit overboard, but it’s a gift I truly love to gift my kids, and a fun creative process for me. If you don’t go this crazy, don’t knock yourself down, do what YOU love for your kids.

Bohemian tribal girls with teepee

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Tribal Boho Chic TeePee

Disclosure: I partnered with for this post, and was sent the fabric, but all opinions are my own, I LOVE that site! I’ve been ordering from there for years.

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