Printable Valentine Treat Topper

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Use this Printable Valentine Treat Topper to makes your favorite valentine candy like Rolos or Tootsie Rolls into a fun valentine for friends.


Quick, easy, and cheap is the best way to describe this Printable Valentine Rolo Treat Printable, and that’s how I like it best! I like to offer my kids something unique to pass out for Valentine’s Day.  Sometimes they take me up on it and other times they would rather grab something from the store shelves.  If your kids are looking for something unique, these printable valentine treat toppers are an easy way to make that happen.

printable valentines

My favorite holiday ideas are fun, but not too time consuming.  We all want more fun with less stress!  For these printable valentine treats you will need:

  • Ziploc bags
  • Rolos (or any ‘roll’ candy like Tootsie Rolls, Fruit Roll Ups, etc)
  • Valentine Printable (you can download it below)
  • scissors
  • stapler

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I LOVE using treat toppers, because all you need is a sandwich bag to fill with your treat, then staple the print on top, and BAM! You’ve got a unique Valentine.

I usually like to use the snack size bags, but I didn’t have them on hand at home, so I just cut off the top part of a regular ziplock bag, and made it even smaller than the treat size. I liked that there wasn’t a lot of empty space in the bag. When you make it your own size, you can cut it as small as you’d like!

printable valentines

Download the free printable valentine here: I Like the Way you Roll Treat Topper

More Printable Valentine Ideas

If you are looking for a fun valentine idea that doesn’t involve more candy,  I’ve got one more printable valentine for you.  I found these Valentine’s bands at Hobby Lobby.  My daughter was excited to use them for her Valentine gift to her classmates and I was happy to oblige.   I made a fun printable to go with them.

printable valentines

Download this printable valentine files here: valentine_band_tags

Do you prefer to make or buy your valentines? Do you think your kids would be up for ditching the Disney characters for something different?  These printable valentines make it as simple as print, cut, fill, attach!

printable valentines

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