#027 Jennifer Dial // Widowed Mom and Being a Soft Place to Land

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I knew before I recorded my conversation with Jennifer that it would go over my 1 hour intended goal for each episode. I’ve watched her mother for nearly 16 years, weather life’s storms, and I knew she would have so many great things to share. As a widowed mom, she’s had some challenges.

Widowed Mom and Being a Soft Place to Land

Her youngest of 6 kids just graduated high school. And she now also has 4 small grandchildren from her older kids, and she has so much wisdom and perspective. As you can see from the title, she is also a widow.  We discuss her husband passing away 8 years ago, and how she has parented before and after that time.  Yes, she is a widowed mom, but she is so much more than that. She talks about how her life’s experiences have blessed her to be less judgemental and love more, and can’t we all do that a little bit more? I loved hearing about her growing up in an unconventional parenting situation with a corporate working mom, cop dad, and full time Nanny Maria from across the boarder.

She is someone that I’ve always seen as an intentional mother, and to watch the beautiful relationship she has with her adult children, it is truly something to aspire to. Without further delay, enjoy my chat with Jennifer.


Widowed Mom and Being a Soft Place to Land

Listen to our chat by pushing the PLAY button below, or finding episode #27 on iTunes:

We are all striving to be a little better, and I’d love for you to hop on over to instagram {CapturingJoy.KristenDuke} and tell Jennifer and myself the parts of our chat that stuck out to you most, that you plan to implement.

A few things we spoke about:

red barn family pictures

{See lots more images of the red barn family pictures on the link}

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Widowed Mom and a Soft Place to Land

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  1. Jill Brooks says:

    Hi Kristin. I am Jennifer Dials oldest sister, Jill. I am thrilled to see that you and your audience are being a look into Jennifer’s brilliant world of raising, healthy and happy children! Through the tragedies that life has bestowed on her, she has always been able to see the big picture, as it were, and a there for her children when I’m sure she just wanted to crawl under the covers and start there! We know that we ALL are only going to be as HAPPY as the UNHAPPIEST of our children…so to that end, Jennifer’s ability to pave the way for HAPPY children and NOW grandchildren,is a lesson in our OWN ability to be happy as well! She’s remarkable, amazing and I’m proud and bless to not ONLY call her Sister…but also Friend!😍

    • Jill Brooks says:

      Sorry for the typos ALL…i as unable to see the screen as i typed!

  2. Larry Jackson says:

    The scripture Jennifer mentioned at the end of the podcast is from

    Mosiah 4:14
    And ye will not suffer your children that they go hungry, or naked; neither will ye suffer that they transgress the laws of God, and fight and quarrel one with another, and serve the devil, who is the master of sin, or who is the devil spirit which hath been spoken of by our fathers, he being an enemy to all righteousness.

    Our children all had the privilege of memorizing it at one time or another. In fact, after a little spat one of our younger children once told the next younger child that they had better get busy memorizing before Mom or Dad got there.

    It was a wonderful interview. Thanks.

    Larry Jackson

    • Larry Jackson says:

      In the quoted verse, “devil” should be “evil”. The D is the footnote that I missed erasing, and I can’t edit the post. Sorry.

      Larry Jackson

  3. run 3 says:

    I see her as a good widowed mother, she takes good care of her children