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What to wear for family portraits

what to wear in portraits

I’ve been chatting on my facebook page, helping my readers plan for their family  portraits. I LOVE designing clothing for a photo shoot, especially the challenge of coordinating, instead of matchy-matching with a family.  The bigger the family, the more fun the challenge!  I was helping a friend shop last week for clothing for her family portraits, because the idea just overwhelmed her.  She decided on grays and blacks (great for winter photos), and I suggested a splash… Continue Reading

What to wear for Family Portraits

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I thought I’d share another suggestion for clothing as lots of people are thinking about this for fall/holiday portraits.  I’m diggin’ purple right now;)

Dressing fashionably~from a teens perspective


*Welcome Bailey! Let me first begin with the simple fact that I am completely honored to be writing on this blog. I think Kristen Duke is absolutely fantastic. Truly fantastic, she’s like a mom version of me! (Or what I hope to be like.) My name is Bailey, I am 17 and a senior at Round Rock High School.  Anyhow. The focus. Clothing. Specifically, taking things we already have and giving them a second look. Here’s… Continue Reading

What to wear for family portraits in July


  I love the blues and yellow right now!

What to wear for Summer Portraits

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Here is another idea board for family portrait wardrobe suggestions for summer:   I’m a big fan of that olive green color, and with the coral I love this!

What to wear in Summer Family Portraits

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This is just to give you an idea of what to think about when deciding on clothing for family portraits in the summertime.  Bright and coloful.  Coordinating, but not matchy-matchy.  I am loving the short sleeved cropped cardigans from Old Navy in a variety of colors!  Do you see how one floral/patterned outfit is selected and all of the other colors pull from that?  Think of a color scheme you like and then find pieces… Continue Reading

What to wear in family portraits

what to wear_December_2010

I am a big advocate of taking time to plan outfits  for portraits.  I think it has to be well thought out, while bringing out the personality of the family.  Long gone are the matchy matchy days, and I think coordination is the key.  Pick a color scheme of 2-3 colors, while using black, brown, white or gray along with those 3 colors.  Since I have 4 children, I’ve got 2 winter options for a family of… Continue Reading

What to wear to your Portrait Session

I love what this photographer has done in suggesting what to wear. CHECK IT OUT!!!