Austin Blue Tile Wall

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The Austin Blue Tile Wall has been a favorite for a long time, here is our mother daughter photo shoot we had there.

Blue Tile Wall Austin

Two years ago, my girls and I started a YouTube channel, Spill the Jellybeans. We put a lot of heart into it that summer, then school started and it became too much. My friend Brandie Kennedy kindly met us downtown at the blue tile wall, and we snapped these fun and bright pictures that still bring me so much JOY!

Big Chiller Blues

The Austin blue tile wall has been a favorite of mine for years. I used it as a fun photography backdrop for some family pictures a while back.  But because it’s downtown,  I just don’t make it there very often. Parking around the area is often tricky, but it’s on enough of a side street that you can stay close to your car and monitor, even if it’s not an actual parking spot (shhhh…don’t tell on me).

Here are some Fun facts about the Austin blue tile wall:

  • Nicknamed “Big Chiller Blues”
  • Created by Ann M Adams
  • 10,000 square feet of glass tiles
  • covers 2 walls of the Austin Convention Center parking garage

The artist was inspired by the fact that the structure houses air conditioning equipment, so she chose a soothing arrangement of blue tiles.

Isn’t that interesting? I love a little story behind beautiful art like this. Even though it isn’t technically a mural, I include this blue tile wall on my Austin Murals spots to visit post.  I would definitely include it on your next Austin wall crawl! So if you’re looking for a fun outing in Austin that doesn’t cost much, I highly recommend you checking out that post to see our favorite Austin murals.

Photo Tips

As always, when preparing for pictures, I think of where we will be and what to wear. I’ve written quite a few posts on my website about what to wear in pictures, even made a fun little video on that post.

In a nutshell, this is what I think with clothes:

  1. Coordinate don’t match
  2. layers, layers, layers (texture)
  3. accessorize
  4. Get crafty!

See my younger daughters’ white tennis shoes? Bought them at Walmart for $7 and glued on some yellow fuzzy balls for some fun texture and color!

big chiller blues

Blue Wall Austin


Blue Tile Wall Austin

places to take pictures Austin

Now go out and take some fun pictures!!!

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