Austin Skyline

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The Austin Skyline is beautiful.  If you want to take family pictures with the skyline in the back drop, or just get some great shots of the city, here are the best spots to take Austin Skyline pictures.Austin Skyline

I live in a suburb of Austin, and sometimes venturing downtown feels like a big task. For years, I WANTED to scope out and take Austin Skyline pictures, but I wasn’t sure exactly where to go. I finally figured out a great spot to take pictures, but it’s tricky…it is after all DOWNTOWN, and everyone knows that any downtown spot has challenging parking situations. I photographed an extended family session a few years ago, so when my good friend Shelley said that they really wanted family Austin skyline pictures before they moved away from Texas, I had to help her make that happen!

Austin City Skyline Photo Tips

Here are my best tips for taking Austin skyline pictures with your family:

  • Best spot is near the Long Center (it also has a parking garage)
  • Park at the Doughterty Arts Center parking lot
  • If possible, bring an extra friend for “valet”
  • Go well in advance in case you need to park down the street
  • Small lot also near Town/Ladybird Lake
  • It’s windy in the open field, keep that in mind
  • You can also go on top of the parking garage of the Long Center

I was able to get a nice variety of Austin Skyline pictures as well as some shots with the grass as the background and some with the Texas map in the cement. Hopefully this will help someone who wants some fun Austin family photography pictures!

Austin City Skyline

Shelley’s husband Brian was graduating from the University of Texas with his PhD, so became very proud Longhorn fans.

Austin Skyline Family Photos

I just love the view from this green field of the Austin skyline in the background

Austin City Skyline Photos

On top of the hill (where the concrete bench sits) is this fun map of Texas as well.

Where to take family pictures in Austin

Then if you’re really feeling adventures, you can let your kids play in the water fountain at the end!

Austin Water Fountain

These cutie’s just played IN FRONT of it.

Hopefully you got some fun ideas for taking Austin skyline pictures.

If you need more ideas for taking family pictures, check out:

Another really cool shot is crossing the street (busy South Congress) and getting the State Capital in the background. It was my vision and my friend Shelly Hoffman took this a few years ago for my birthday with some of my gal pals and I LOVE it! I need to take my family to BOTH of these spots and get my own pictures!

South Congress Austin Skyline

We had to take the shot quickly, as our photographer stood in front of parked cars at a red light!

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