Citrus Inspired Kitchen Makeover

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I sure do love a little citrus in my life. I’ve had the colorful accents in my kitchen for several years now, but just with spatulas and bowls. My Citrus Inspired Kitchen Makeover brings me happiness, even it isn’t 100% how I’d like it. You see, my husband LOVES the cabinetry in our kitchen. The man doesn’t have much of an opinion about our home projects, but on my desire to paint the cabinets white (as we did in our last home) he has expressed his strong desire not to. I gotta let him have something, so this was one I decided not to push–for now. I’m thrilled with how the green planked wall turned out, we did the same concept as we did the pink planks in our Girls Fancy Bedroom Makeover.Citrus Inspired Kitchen Makeover

I’ve mentioned we are working on a room a month over here, and the kitchen was the month of May! We actually painted and planked the wall in mid May, but it seemed to take a few weeks to get the other details finished with school ending and travel. Besides the planked wall, I am SO excited about my colander light fixture! I’d seen it sold (as a light) somewhere a while back, and I thought it would make such a fun detail and DIY project in our simple kitchen decor. I was SO excited to find a GIANT ORANGE 7 qt. colander on Amazon for $30! You can find the same Calypso Basics Colander on Amazon, too. Lots of other fun colors and sizes from that link, as well. If you want to see how we made the colander chandelier light fixture, check out my tutorial: {DIY How to make a colander light fixture}

The space above my cabinets is so short, I had a hard time deciding what to do up there. I found some crates and painted them, and they were the perfect size! I’d still love to find hardware for the cabinets, but I can’t decide what I want. Also couldn’t decide if I wanted a window treatment to overshadow the planking and silverware, so for now, I left it very simple.

Citrius Kitchen Remodel

(Citrus Photography Art Prints in the top right corner can be downloaded on the link). A close up on the colander light fixture (diy tutorial to come), and other details. Since my husband lived in France, it was fun to make vinyl letting in “Bon Appetit”!  We got our table as a hand-me-down wedding gift from my grandparents (13 years ago) and we’ve planned to build one, but we can’t seem to decide on what to do. So for now, I refinished the top from a light wood grain stain to white. My friends at Lolly Jane gave me tips on how to do that!

kitchen makeover

My giant silverware is from Pier 1, and the hardware is attached at the wrong end (in my opinion) and they are quite heavy. My sweet and patient and creative husband (who at first said it wouldn’t work, but I believed in him) jerry- rigged them with heavy duty clear fishing wire and a screw so I could hang them upright, as if the table is set for a meal (around a square plate). I just wouldn’t take no for an answer (and he kindly obliged). They are a bit on the pricy side, but I’ve collected the 3 over the years…one at a time. Here is a close up on his creative hanging:


I LOVE my bright yellow sign!

Awesome sign

My friend Staci at Fussy Mussy Designs made this sign for me, inspired by Allison at House of Hepworths.   My husband didn’t quite understand it, and I told him it is a reminder for us and the kids that when we have rough days, they don’t have to stay sad, but we can just buck up and turn it into AWESOME! That explanation made more sense to him…citrus kitchen colander kitchen lamp  kitchen

Our kitchen is connected to our family room as if one open room. I loved this detail most about our home, as we had a similar layout in our last home. It makes it so I can be working in the kitchen and still feel like I’m right there with the kids in the next room. Here is the family room view from the kitchen (Mason Jar Mod Podge Art and Sliding Barn Door TV cover tutorial):

family room from kitchen kitchen family room

I played a little with blurred people movement shots, I like this action below…

planked kitchen

In my true room sharing fashion, I made a little (awkward) video. Because of that big bright window, it’s dark at times, but you get the feel for the room pretty well;)

YouTube video

Thanks for taking a tour of my kitchen!

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