Family Meal Plan #3

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It’s week 3 of “What we ate for dinner last week” If you need family meal ideas, check back here on Sundays.

Family Meal Plan 3

Monday: Baked Ham and green beans

Easter glazed ham

Thumbs up from my kids on having ham for dinner!

Hams can be pricey, but when stretched over several meals, really isn’t so much. I thought I’d try out the Easter Ham a little win advance. I’d never made a ham before–strange, right? I thought we could eat in in slices, and use the leftover ham for something later in the week. That I did. This ham was used in about 5 meals. My husband was the awesome ham slicer!  Since we are trying to have less sugar in our meals, I just used water in the bottom of a pan, sprinkled with salt and pepper, and covered it with tin foil. So many other great recipes out there, like the one linked with a brown sugar glaze.

Tuesday: Baked Parmesan Tilapia with roasted asparagus

Baked Parmesan Tilapia

I made fish! I can count on one hand how many times I’ve done that, but my kids really liked it, and so did I! I shared the recipe a few days ago, and said that I really need to cook fish more, and now that my kids haven’t turned their noses up to it, I may just do it more!

Wednesday:Egg Cups with Ham


The first day we used the leftover ham, we made egg cups in the muffin tin in the oven. I modified the original recipe I shared by using the cut up ham inside the egg tins with cut up bell peppers as well. MY kids think this is the greatest meal ever and they want to have it every week! My husband had the egg-stra’s for breakfast the next morning. I’ve heard they freeze well, just haven’t ever done it.  I sprayed the edges of the muffin tin with oil, but it still was tricky to get the excess off of the edges. Any tips??? 

Thursday: Lime Chicken

lime chicken

I squeezed some lime juice and spices into a bag to marinate with my chicken, then threw it onto my grill pan (great when I don’t want to mess with the BBQ outside), and it was ready in minutes!  From the recipe here, I simply omitted the mint.  I also roasted some sweet potatoes, which my husband and I LOVED, but one child got a little gag from the different and new sweet potato flavor. I guess it’s an acquired taste?

Friday: LEFTOVERS!!!

Saturday: Beef Brisket


Ok, so I didn’t make this recipe, but it looks good, and I want to! My husband and I went to a co-workers wedding and had delicious BBQ Brisket, it was DELICIOUS!! My kids stayed home and got corn dogs! My mom makes something similar, maybe someday I’ll tackle her recipe and share it.

Sunday: Pork Roast & potatoes/carrots

I made a pork roast and didn’t love it. Maybe I got the wrong cut, but I’m going to need to try it again someday. Any favorite flavors you’ve tried?

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