You know I feel passionately about family pictures.  But I know sometimes they can seem stressful.  I want to make them as easy for you as possible.  So here are all my best tips for getting your family pictures taken.  Including what to wear, how to get your little ones to look at the camera, and even how to take your own!

The video clip below is 23 minutes, but I hope the time won’t deter you, it’s chalk FULL of my best advice form 15 years as a family photographer and 18 years of having my OWN family pictures taken!


10 Tips for Taking Family Pictures

  1. Kick Insecurity to the Curb
  2. How to Choose a Photographer
  3. Take Your Own Family Pictures: Tripod//Remote {Purchase Say NO to Auto Beginner Photography book  Purchase Get Focused Intermediate Photography book}
  4. Change up locations–Where to Take Pictures
  5. How to get Family to Cooperate
  6. 7 Tips for Happy Natural Smiles Printable
  7. Posing Ideas
  8. What to Wear in Family Pictures
  9. Make your own Family Photo Albums
  10. 10 Decorate with Pictures {Vintage Windows} {My office repurposed frame}

In the above video, I mentioned two other videos, and you can view them below.

The first is a quick way to organize clothes for family pictures.


In the video below, you will see the full 26 minute clip of our Red Jeep Photos. The crazy, silly, impatient and my snippety ordering around of my family as my boys teen friend snaps away. My phone mounted to the top of my camera captures the whole thing. I think it’s pretty funny and will give you an idea of how I have our family pictures taken (and how I boss my family around during it) but not sure if you will find it as entertaining???


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10 Tips for Family Pictures

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