Flamingo Inspirational Quote and Coloring Page

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This Flamingo Inspirational Quote and Coloring Page is a print we shared with friends at our Mother Daughter Party. I’m all about inspiring young girls to aim for greatness, and hanging up something like this I hope will do that!

Flamingo Inspirational Quote and Coloring PageThe Flamingo Inspirational Quote and Coloring Page is just what it says. A PDF with both a full color option and a black and white option to color, and it’s FREE! Girls can choose which they prefer, and even gift to friends. I love my girls so much, and I want them to have all kinds of positive quotes and thoughts running through their brains, so they have not doubt what they can attain. Along with this print, we shared an IKEA double sided frame, also with the Be a Pineapple print that I’ve previously shared on my site. Make sure you check out the Flamingo Pineapple Party for all of the details and games we played with mom and girls!

Let’s talk about standing out. As young girls, they don’t want to stand out. They want to be a part of the crowd, to be popular, and unfortunately I’ve found…it doesn’t always work out that you “fit in” with the cool kids. Quotes like this are great reminders that we are MEANT to stand out, share our talents,  to be unique, and THAT is an amazing gift to the world! They may not always think it’s cool to stand out and be unique, but one day they will get it, and maybe cute quotes like this will help them realize it a bit sooner. At least that’s what I’m hoping.

Back to the flamingos. I kinda love them lately. They are big and bold and PINK, and they just don’t seem to get enough love in the animal kingdom. I adore them so much, I took some pictures with my new pool float flamingo bestie.

Now to the colorful flamingo picture.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>To download and print your copy, click here: Flamingo Quote and Coloring Page

If you’d like to see my flamingo pool float pictures, hope on over to see the gallery! Here is just one…I had a fun time with my daughter being the photographer!

Flamingo Pool Float Pictures

If you are loving flamingos right now like I am, maybe you want to throw a flamingo party, or just enjoy some flamingo items I found online (I got the mega island for my pictures)

If you love this inspirational quote, I’ve got lots more! We also used the Be a Pineapple Quote.

Be a Pineapple

You may also enjoy the ideas at the Flamingo Pineapple Party, click on the image below!

Flamingo Pineapple Party

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