Mother Daughter Party

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My girls and I threw a Mother Daughter Party recently, and enjoyed playing games with friends and encouraging bonding. Throw one of your own including the activities we did!

Mother Daughter Party ideas and activitiesI had the idea for a Mother Daughter Party when I wanted to throw a party for myself for my birthday, planned out a theme, then didn’t want to throw a party and have my friends feel like they needed to give me a gift, so just made it a mother daughter party. It can be done any time of the year! I’m just all about activities that build relationships and especially with my girls. Somewhere along the way, my mom and I missed the boat on a close relationship, and I’m fighting tooth and nail right now, to hopefully have that be different with my girls. I’ve got some really fun projects I’m working on with my girls, but for now, you’ll just have to wait and only get details of our party.

I got emotional when I was talking to our friends at this party, and spoke about the importance of building our relationships. I told the girls to please be patient with their moms, and I reminded the moms that the girls are growing and emotional! I wanted this to be inspiring, and have them go home determined to be better.

I’ve done a few Mother Daughter sleepovers, the first was with my friends Tricia and Heather and my older daughter 4 years ago. We just booked a room at a local hotel, ate a fun dinner, and put on chocolate faces masks and had a blast! Read all about that Mother Daughter sleepover activity here. Since we decided a long time ago not to do sleepovers (it’s so HARD for me!) I’ve tried to arrange other fun things, and last year, my daughters’ bestie, her mom, and little sister joined us at at the Sheraton Georgetown for a night out last year.

I’m going to share all about the decor and edible art at our Flamingo Pineapple Party very soon, but FIRST, the mother daughter activities we did, and a few others I was going to include, but we just didn’t have time!

  1. I spy game. I made a specific printout for this party, but you can do any type of “gathering activity” on paper.  I’ve found with parties that people tend to trickle in, so I have something that people can do independently so I don’t start any major activities until all are there. Download the Tropical I Spy Game if you’d like.
  2. Left Right Game. I found one online, then tweaked the text to our party. I wrapped 4 gifts (that had to do with pineapples/flamingo’s, and mother/daughter, see the Amazon store below) and throughout the story, whenever I said “left” or “right” the gift had to be passed that direction in the circle. Whomever had that gift at the end got to keep it! I’ll admit, I was worried for those that wouldn’t win (I like everyone to WIN!) But everyone did great. It helped that I had fun prizes for everyone at the end. Mother Daughter Party
  3. Who knows mom best. I just did this game with my girls, but I took the moms aside and asked questions, and then 3 girls sat up front and wrote on white boards what they thought the answer would be for their mom. It was tricky! Stuff like, what is your moms favorite: vegetable, fruit, color, song, movie, restaurant, etc. Here is a page of other questions.
  4. Tribute paper. I found printables online for both mom and daughter to fill out called a self esteem poster. You write what you love about each other. I was hoping it would be a positive keepsake.
  5. Photo booth. I love a good photo booth, and I took a photo for each mom/daughter with my Instax camera, so they could walk out with that picture.Mother Daughter party
  6. Coloring pages/frame. I gift everyone an inspirational quote doubled sided frame (.99 at IKEA) with 2 inspiring quotes, that I also have as coloring pages. Also available on my site! Grab the flamingo inspirational quote and the Be a pineapple printparty gift idea
  7. Group picture. Because I like to remember who was there, I always love to get a group picture of my guests. It’s a fun part of the party to me. They indulged me with my greatest wish–to dress the party colors! It makes me all kind of happy!Mother Daughter Party
  8. Take home gift. Besides the printed frames, I gave each girl a flamingo drink float ant pineapple cup.  See the Amazon store below.

Here are a few activities I did not do, but thought about doing:

  • Play telephone. This is always fun. I was going to come up with silly, tricky phrases ahead of time, but didn’t get to it, so we didn’t play.
  • Match the famous mom to her on screen daughter. I thought about screen shot-ing each picture with options, and putting them on a document. Maybe 10 of them.
  • Pineapple Party Game. I had these prints made and we didn’t get to play! It’s Pin the sunglasses on the pineapple. We’ll have to another day.Mother Daughter Party

If you’ve got other ideas for a Mother Daughter Party, I’d love to hear!

Here are a few things we used for the party, including gifts in the boxes for the game (including that cool journal book):

Just a few more pictures of the scene {My girls did a great job of helping me prep for the party!}
mother daughter party

Sweet friends snapped a few shot of me as the host.

mother daughter party

mother daughter party

mother daughter party

Make sure you check out the full details on the Flamingo Pineapple Party! Click on the image below.

Flamingo Pineapple Party

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